Upcoming Events

EMMI Workshop
Central exclusive production at the LHC
Organizers: O. Nachtmann
Feb 6, 2019, U Heidelberg


EMMI Workshop
Probing the Phase Structure of Strongly Interacting Matter: Theory and Experiment
Organizers: B. Friman, V. Koch, K. Redlich, N. Xu
Mar 25-29, 2019, GSI, Darmstadt


EMMI Workshop
Functional Methods in Strongly Correlated Systems
Organizers: J. Braun, M. Buballa, S. Flörchinger, J. M. Pawlowski, D. H. Rischke, B.-J. Schäfer, L. von Smekal
Mar 31-Apr 7, 2019, Darmstädter Haus, Hirschegg


Dynamics of critical fluctuations: theory – phenomenology – HIC
Organizers: M. Nahrgang, M. Bluhm, A. Kalweit
Apr 8-12, 2019, GSI Darmstadt