Therapy Accelerator

A dedicated clinical cancer therapy facility was designed at GSI and was build at the Radiologische Universitätsklinik in Heidelberg, Germany. The facility is designed to treat more than 1000 patients per year using the intensity controlled rasterscan method, which was developed at GSI and was successfully applied at GSI with carbon ion beams to more than 400 patients from December 1997 until 2009. Patient treatment at HIT started in November 2009.

A Selection of beam parameters required at the treatment places (upper part) and major linac parameters (lower part) are listed in the following Tables.

Major treatment parameters:

Ion species

p,3He2+,12C6+, 16O8+

Ion energies

48 - 430 MeV/u

Max. beam intensities

1·10912C6+ions/spill 4·1010 protons/spill

Beam contaminations

< 1%

Major linac parameters:

Measured ion beam

H3+: 700 µA, 3He+: 840 µA

Currents behind analyzing slits

12C4+: 200 µA, 16O6+: 170 µA

Final beam energy

7 MeV/u

Operating frequency

216.816 MHz

Beam pulse length and repitition rate

≤ 300 µs @ PRF ≤ 5 Hz