Experiment Systems

The research department Experiment Systems supports the FAIR and GSI experiments in the development and operation of the common software infrastructure. Members of the department participate activly in the adoption of the supported projects in the various research collaborations. The department collaborates closey with national and international partners from the experiments, industry, universities and other research organisations.

The projects in the department cover a broad area: from basic research on the use of modern computing architectures (vectorisation, accelerator cards), development of the software framework FairRoot as base of the experiment frameworks to the operations of the application software for the German ALICE Tier 2 center at GSI.

Members of the department are participating in the development and implementation of the FAIR computing strategy. They are leading the coordination and planning of the future FAIR Tier 0 center at GSI and the integration of the national and international compute centers of the FAIR partners in the common computing infrastructure.

Head of Department

Thorsten Kollegger




Phone :

+49 6159 71 2180


SB3 Room 2.237


IT/EE Assistants