HPC - Hochleistungsrechnen

HPC - High Performance Computing

The High Performance Computing (HPC) department at GSI provides Computing and Storage facilities to GSI's research community. These resources are utilized for analysis as well as simulation tasks. Therefore HPC operates multiple compute clusters. Each compute cluster is connected to its dedicated Lustre storage system. HPC actively contributes to the development of the open source Lustre software. All HPC systems are independently designed, implemented and operated by GSI on the basis of cost-efficient commodity hardware.

Additionally the HPC department operates various systems based on Linux. Either these services are completely managed by HPC or a basic Linux installation is provided to other groups, so they can implement their services on top. Examples are desktop computers or web servers.

The HPC department relies on Debian GNU/Linux, which is deployed on all systems from desktops to HPC clusters. This homogeneity is beneficial for researchers as well as system administrators.

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