Hades Shower Power Monitor


General purpose IO module for SlowControl and small DAQ-systems
Connectivity to the world is provided by TCP/IP
  • 8 times 10bit ADC (Atmel)
  • 8 times 8bit DAC (I2C via ATMEL)
  • CAN bus with optional galvanic isolation for avoiding ground-loop-noise. # I2C # SPI # RS232 # CPLD for future extensions # 32 digital I/Os


Hardware Details of HadShoPoMo
  • ETRAX 100LX MCM 4+16
  • ATMEL AT90CAN128 (CAN bus controller, with optional galvanic isolation)
  • Xilinx CPLD XCR3064XL-6CS48C
  • 8 channels * 8 bit DAC
  • Ericsson PME 5218TS switching regulator for up to 6A 3.3V power usable for other boards