Department Ring RF Systems (RRF)

The department Ring RF Systems is responsible for operation, maintenance, and optimization of the existing RF systems as well as for the development of new RF systems. The name "Ring RF" summarizes RF systems for rings, i.e. for synchrotrons and storage rings.

The RF systems consist of the cavities, the RF power amplifiers, the power supply units and all open-loop and closed-loop control systems (low-level RF, LLRF).


Dr. Ulrich Laier

Phone: +49-6159-71-1390
Room: BR1 3.009



Group Structure


The department Ring RF systems (RRF) is divided into three groups:


  1. Group Ring RF Cavity Technology (RCT)
  2. Group Ring RF Electronics & Control (REL)
  3. Group Ring RF Infrastructure (RIF)


The assignment of the group members to the groups and the leadership functions are visible in the list of group members. 


Staff Members


Our department consists of about 20 persons. This staff of physicists, engineers and technicians is responsible for:


  • Operation of ring RF-systems
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Development for improving the existing facility
  • Development for GSI-internal projects, for the FAIR project, and for collaboration projects with different research institutions


The existing scientific and technological expertise allows us to realize projects that include the full range from concept work via prototyping up to series solutions. Much of this work is done in-house; but also collaborations with different industrial partners exist.