Publications and Reports Ring HV


Injection- and Extraction Devices

  • Concept and Design of the Injection Kicker System for the FAIR SIS100 Synchrotron
    I.J. Petzenhauser, U. Blell, P. Spiller, L.O. Baandrup, H. Bach, N. Hauge, K.F. Laurberg, G. Blokesch, M. Osemann
    Proceedings of IPAC (2016) Busan, Korea
  • Efficient Pulsed Quadrupole
    I. Petzenhauser, U. Blell, P. Spiller, C. Tenholt
    Proceedings of IPAC (2015) Richmond, VA, USA
  • Challenges of the Technical Layout of the SIS100 Extraction System
    N. Pyka, L. Bozyk, U. Kopf, C. Mühle, D. Ondreka, P. Rottländer, P. Spiller, S. Wilfert, A. Kalimov
    Proceedings of IPAC (2014) Dresden, Germany
  • Impedance of the Pulse Power Converter for the SIS100 Bipolar Extraction Kicker System
    K. Samuelsson, U. Blell, P. Spiller, V. Hinrichsen
    Proceedings of IPAC (2011) San Sebastián, Spain
  • Slow Extraction from the Superconducting Synchrotron SIS300 at FAIR: Lattice Optimization and Compensation of Field Errors
    Á. Saá Hernández, N. Pyka, H. Müller, P. Spiller, U. Ratzinger
    Proceedings of IPAC (2010) Kyoto, Japan
  • Multigap Pseudospark Switch for FAIR
    K. Frank, I. Petzenhauser, U. Blell, B.J. Lee, J. Jacoby
    Texas Tech University, Center for Pulsed Power and Power Electronics (2009) Lubbock, Texas, USA
  • Development of the Injection- and Extraction Systems for the Upgrade of SIS18
    U. Blell, J. Florenkowski, U. Kopf, C. Mühle, M. Petryk, I. Petzenhauser, P. Spiller, A. Batrakov, S.A. Onischenko, G.E. Ozur
    Proceedings of PAC (2007) Albuquerque, NM, USA
  • Development of Multistage Pseudospark Switches
    I. Petzenhauser, K. Frank, U. Blell
    GSI-Report (2005)




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