The members of the BHY group are very interested to support and train young scientists in the field accelerator physics. The members are active in

  • lectures and seminars 
  • extramural seminars
  • and master, diploma and PhD thesis.

In the BHY group exist the possibility to prepare master, diploma and PhD thesis on the group research fields. It exist a close cooperation with the surrounding university TU Darmstadt and UNI Frankfurt. A list of the former prepare PhD thesis is given here.  

Our group take part in the GSI "Summer Student Program". The Summer Student Program is offered to students form the 6. semester in physics or related natural science disciplines from Europe or GSI/FAIR partner countries. The students work during 8 weeks on a small research project in a GSI group. In addition the students receive with a lecture series a overview of the various research fields at GSI. 

A few group member give lectures and classes on the surrounding university. In the winter semester 2011/12 give Prof. Dr. Oliver Boine-Frankenheim the lecture "plasma physics" at the TU Darmstadt and Dr. Giuliano Franchetti  the lecture "Vakuumphysik an Beschleunigern" at the UNI Frankfurt. 

Prof. Dr. Oliver Boine-Frankenheim and Dr. Sabrina Appel organized in close cooperation with Dr. Holger Podlech form UNI Frankurt the WE-Heraeus-Seminar 517 Accelertor physics for intensiv ion beams. The Seminar is supported by the Wihelm and Else Heraeus Stiftung and take place form 15.10 until 18.10.2010 in the Physikzentrum Bad Honnef, Germany.