Lecture: Accelerator physics

In the summer semester Prof. Dr. Oliver Boine-Frankenheim gives the lecture "accelerator physics" at TU Darmstadt on Mondays at 9:50 a.m. 

In the lecture the students will be study the functional principle of modern accelerator facilities. The design of beam line magnets and high frequency RF cavity for the acceleration will be addressed. The mathematical basics of the beam dynamik will be trained. In the lecture the several causes of beam intensity limits will be explain.  

The Content of teaching of the lecture "accelerator physic" are

  • The fundamentals of the beam dynamics in linear and ring accelerators,
  • The functionality of accelerator and accelerator components,
  • Measurements of beam characteristics, beam intensity effects and current limits. 

Language: German

More information for the lecture "accelerator physics" can be found on the webpage TUCaN of TU Darmstadt and on the page of the accelerator physics department.