Support initiatives

With our initiatives, we would like to support scientists, relatives or acquaintances who have been forced to flee.

GSI/FAIR Initiatives

External initiatives

GSI/FAIR Initiatives

GSI/FAIR initiatives for housing placement

For refugees from Ukraine who are related or known to someone from GSI/FAIR, we arrange housing. If you can support the action with housing or you are looking for housing, send the completed form to or via in-house mail to "Welcome Office".

I offer housing:

I need housingt:

External initiative for housing mediation

Sports offer for refugees

GSI's company sports club 'Schnelle Ionen' has put together an extensive sports program for refugees. The program includes archery, table tennis, soccer and field volleyball. The sports courses are aimed at everyone from the age of 6 and are offered in Russian, German and English. Thus, the Schnellen Ionen follow the call of the city of Darmstadt to offer sports for refugees. 

Course program:

Tuesday: 4-6 p.m. Archery. 
From 6 years.
Contact: Oleg Kiselev

Wednesday: 4-5:45 p.m. Table tennis
From 6 years.
Contact: Alexander Bauer

Thursday: 5-7 p.m. Football or field volleyball.
From 10 years.
Contact: Gleb Vorobjev

GSI/FAIR city cycling team donates profit for Ukrainian refugees

The GSI/FAIR city cycling team has donated its 2021 winnings to refugees from Ukraine. For reaching the third place in 2021, the cyclists won three vouchers for the climbing forest in Darmstadt with a total value of 150€. This year, the prize was handed over to the Office for Social Affairs and Prevention in Darmstadt. The office is involved in organizing accommodation for refugees and handed over the vouchers to families, to refugee women with children who were taken in privately by families. This continues the tradition of donating the profits from the Stadtradeln competition to charitable organizations to be used for good causes. 

Collection of children's media for refugees

At GSI/FAIR, children's media in Russian or Ukrainian were collected for refugees from Ukraine. Children's books, magazines and games were collected to support and delight children of all ages. The campaign ran from mid-April to mid-May and so far includes over 100 books and some games. After the collection was completed, hotels in Darmstadt that have taken in refugees will receive the donated media.

External initiatives

Helmholtz-Initiative für Geflüchtete (only in german)

You can find the web page of the Helmholtz Association's support service here.