Overview of foundations

PhD Fellowships
Federally-funded Scholarship Foundations (BMBF) Political, religious and social foundations. For all of the following foundations the scholarships are 1450 EUR per month for 3 years. They all fund PhD students of all nationalities and in all disciplines. PhD topics close to the interest of the foundations are sometimes favoured, but are not required. For the political foundations, party membership is not required.

Besides excellent performance in education or research, the scholarships demand the identification with the values and topics of the respective foundation and voluntary work in this area.

Other foundations

PhD fellowship (no foundation)

  • DAAD Research Grants - Doctoral Programmes in Germany. For excellently-qualified young academics and scientists of certain home countries

Postdoctoral fellowships

Prizes and other financial support for PhDs and postdocs

Projekt funding

(*) These foundations fund only projects in certain scientific areas.