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Information for our users

Approximately 1.000 scientists (called users) from all over the world visit GSI/FAIR per year to conduct experiments at the accelerator facility in the frame of FAIR Phase-0. Before the start of FAIR, this program exploits the accelerator facilities of GSI, which have been upgraded in view of the requirements as FAIR injectors. FAIR-Phase-0 also allows the use of detectors, which have been developed for FAIR, plus the new FAIR CRYRING storage ring.

In addition to our users a large number of scientists come to GSI/FAIR as long-term guests in the framework of cooperations in research and development.

Furthermore GSI/FAIR host a variety of conferences and meetings regularly attended by many international guests.

Our guest-scientists find all relevant information for their stay on the following pages.


Corona Virus

Information for our Users on visits or beam time during Covid-19 Pandemic are given on our webpage "Information on the coronavirus for GSI/FAIR staff and guests": Below information on beamtime is given.


Update March 24, 2020

The experimental programme will be continued in accordance with the principles for containing the Covid 19 pandemic (see "Safety Principles during the Covid-19 Pandemic" under If for a specific activity safe conditions cannot be met, we will not allow its execution.

Also for the experimental program the same principles apply: Progressively tighter safety measures have been applied, and when for some of the experiments safe conditions could not be guaranteed they have simply been postponed. The experiments which required the presence of external people have been postponed, keeping only those who can be operated by local personnel exclusively. Tight measures of distancing of people working both for the operation of the accelerators and of the experiments are now in place. The ensemble of these measures clearly results in lower overall efficiency, and only a subset of the planned experiments can take place and will need more time than originally foreseen.

Moreover, always in the spirit of safety first, even this reduced program is constantly being re-evaluated and might be further reduced if appropriate.


Update March 19, 2020

So far, we are able to continue the operation of the accelerator facility but need to stop conventional user operation. Due to the present situation where minimizing the spread of the virus is a crucial issue, only the minimum number of people indispensable to operate the experiments should be present on campus. We kindly ask spokespersons of scheduled experiments to inform the beam time coordinator Daniel Severin (beamtime(at) and their local contact person as soon as possible, if they need to postpone their experiment in parts or entirely, so that plans can be adapted accordingly.

For the scheduled experiments which cannot be performed due to the current pandemic, every effort will be made to ensure that they can be performed at a later time. The actual plans and procedures will be decided once we will know how many they are, and what the evolution of the pandemic is.

For beam time users the same restrictions apply as given on our webpage Information on the coronavirus for GSI/FAIR staff and guests in paragraph "Actions on disease and return from risk areas". For risk areas please see the latest information on the webpage of Robert-Koch-Institute (in German only).


Status March 13, 2020

Information from March 13, 2020, can be found on the webpage under "Beamtimes".


Mailinglist of Users

Through the mailinglist of our users information will be spread on, e.g. calls for beam time applications, calls for contributions to the yearly scientific report, the summer student program, etc.

For registering to this mailinglist please click here. If you do not own a password for Listserv yet, please get one under this link and confirm it upon reception of the respective E-mail. This password is valid for all Listserv mailinglists to which you are subscribed. Once you have a password, please login to register to the users mailinglist (as regular subscriber). You will receive an E-mail with a link to confirm your registration. Once the registration process is finalized you will receive a confirmation mail, incl. a link where you can remove your contact from the mailinglist yourself. For removal from the mailinglist, you can also contact Karin Füssel.

For information on mails sent to the users' mailinglist in the past you can check itsarchive.



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