WiFi Access


GSI/FAIR employees or guests can connect to the Internet via WiFi. For this they can either use the SSiD Eduroam, or the open SSiD GSI-FAIR-Guest-WiFi. Or even the wired network, if their device is registered at the IT Helpdesk.

Eduroam/DFN access at GSI

Instructions about how to use Eduroam, you will find on the new service page for Eduroam.


If you want to use the open SSiD GSI-FAIR-Guest-WiFi, you need to take the following steps:

  • select the SSiD GSI-FAIR-Guest-WiFi from the list of available networks on your device
  • open a web browser or popup window (depends on your device) and accept our terms and conditions

Access to internal GSI or FAIR ressources ist not possible with this SSiD.