IBER - 19

ESA workshop at GSI to launch the new experimental program IBER-19

The European Space Agency (ESA) signed a MoU with GSI/FAIR to use the accelerator facilities for space radiation protection. The current plans for moon exploration, already planned in 2024, make this experiments urgent to nderstand the space radiation risk and find appropriate countermeasures. Within the MoU, ESA is funding the Investigations on Biological Effects of Radiation (IBER) program that supports European investigators to perform radiobiology experiments at GSI on space radiation protection (www.gsi.de/IBER).  On September 9, 2019, GSI has hosted a workshop to discuss the results of the previous experiments in the FAIR-phase-0 beam time in February-April 2019 and to plan the future experiments in 2020. Over 30 investigators from Germany, Italy, Belgium, Czech Republic and Romania attendee the workshop and presented the result of the experiments, covering cancer risk, CNS damage, alterations in heart rhythm, shielding and effects on ultra-resistant organisms (rotifers).  The next experiments will use protons, carbon and iron ions at very high energy in the FAIR-phase-0 beamtime window in February-March 2020.

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Call for proposal IBER - 19

Investigating biological effects of space radiation (IBER)
European Scientists was invited to apply with experiment proposals to make use of the GSI accelerator facility. The final goal is to address the effect of space radiation, considered a potential ‘show-stopper’ for human exploration of space, on biological systems. Experiments solicited through this opportunity shall make optimal use of the cutting edge facility offered and should address any of the points of the SciSpacE research roadmap.

IBER information package in PDF format.
Proposal submission template in Word format.
Download the Letter of Intent template in Word format.


Important dates were:

  •  Letter of Intent due 15.08.2019
  •  Proposal workshop (at GSI, Darmstadt, Germany) 09.09.2019
  •  Proposals due 15.10.2019