The APPA Cave

The plasma physics community will have access to a dedicated ion beamline in the APPA cave. The cave, whose layout is shown in the figure below, will be 1064 m2 large and its will be supplemented by the 650 m2 of the supply building. In addition to the plasma physics community, the cave hosts experiments from the SPARC and BIOMAT collaborations.

The plasma physics ion beamline

The 50 m long ion beamline is designed as a multi-use ion beamline to enable employing the proton microscope PRIOR and the other schemes proposed by the community like HIHEX and LAPLAS. The ion beamline location can be seen in the general cave scheme above, while a detailed view of the beamline is shown below. The ion beamline is made of the matching section, a free space to be used by the various schemes, the focusing magnets and the target chamber as depicted below.

HEDatFAIR beamline - TDR status

  • 2020: All Technical Design Reports (TDR) needed for Day-1 experiments have been approved.
  • 2020: Most key components are under construction.


Work packages

The work packages follow the FAIR nomenclature and concern sub-systems of the beamline installation. Below is a list of the plasma physics technical work packages. The work packages are described by technical design reports written by the collaboration and approved by the FAIR Expert Committee Experiments (ECE).

Beam transport infrastructure (PSP Code:

Superconducting final focusing system (PSP Code:

  • TDR: "Large-aperture high-gradient superconducting quadrupoles for HEDgeHOB experiments"
  • Authors: A. Ageyev, A. Blazevic, I. Bogdanov, E. Kashtanov, M. Kauschke, H. Kollmus, S. Kozub, H. Müller, D. Schumacher, P. Shcherbakov, P. Spiller, V. Syntik, L. Tkachenko, O. Trusov, T. Trusova, D. Varentsov, H. Welker, K. Weyrich, S. Zinchenko, V. Zubko
  • GSI contact person: D. Schumacher
  • Status of TDR: The superconducting final focusing magnets are currently under construction at the IHEP in Protvino as a Russian in-kind contribution. The power supplies and quench protection will be manufactured as a German in-kind contribution.

RF beam rotator (PSP Code:

Proton microscopy (PSP Code:

  • TDR: "Proton microscope for FAIR"
  • Authors: D. Varentsov, M. Schanz, A. Kalimov
  • GSI contact person: D. Varentsov
  • Status of TDR: The electromagnets and power supplies for the PRIOR-II setup are currently under construction as a German in-kind contribution.

Target stations (PSP Code:

  • TDR: "Design, construction and commissioning of a target chamber for ion beam driven interaction experiments"
  • Authors: A. Tauschwitz, S. Damjanovic, M. Roth, J. Jacoby, N. Shilkin
  • GSI contact person: A. Tauschwitz
  • Status of TDR: A target chamber for Phase 0 and Day-1 experiments is currently under construction, including the target positioning and vacuum system. This work is carried out by the Goethe University Frankfurt, the TU Darmstadt and the Friedrich-Schiller University Jena and funded via BMBF Verbundforschung.

Diagnostics & Detectors (PSP Code:

  • TDR: "Diagnostic instrumentation for plasma physics experiments at the APPA cave"
  • Authors: P. Neumayer, O. Rosmej, J. Jacoby, A. Blazevic, M. Roth, A. Ulrich, C. Spielmann
  • GSI contact person: P. Neumayer
  • Status of TDR: Diagnostics developments  at the Goethe University Frankfurt, the TU Darmstadt and the Friedrich-Schiller University Jena have been funded via BMBF Verbundforschung. Additional contributions are welcome!

Diagnostic laser (PSP Code:

  • TDR: "Laser-based pump-probe equipment for the APPA cave at FAIR"
  • Authors: V. Bagnoud, A. Blažević, U. Eisenbarth, S. Götte, P. Neumayer, M. Roth, D. Schumacher
  • GSI contact person: V. Bagnoud
  • Status of TDR: Work on the frontend (Friedrich-Schiller University Jena) and main amplifier (TU Darmstadt) has been funded via BMBF Verbundforschung. Additional contributions are welcome!

Data acquisition, controls, timing (PSP Code: