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Base IT's User Guides, Forms and Additional Information

Get help and useful tips on the following topics:

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  • Informations and docus for using Apple devices, hints for device procurement




  • Internet Explorer (Configuration)


  • CATIA @ GSI is maintained by the staff of the Central Engineering


Citrix Receiver:


DOXiS4: The following information is only available inside GSI

  • Instructions on risk management, contract management, session and committee management, granting permissions, winCube installation, and a general user guide.


  • Instructions how to configure the wireless access on Windows, Linux,  Blackberry or Samsung Galaxy


  • Information on e-mail you will find under Mail

Event Client-Server System:

  • Informationen about the remote event server and the client server for online data analysis of experimental data

Exeriment Data Storage:

  • Informationen on the topics of mass storage for experiment data, event client / server packages and conversion to ROOT


  • FairRoot: simulation and analysis framework, developed at the GSI/IT

Feedback Base IT:

  • Send your feedback via web form to the Base IT.


Here is a compilation of all Webanträge and forms for the following IT topics:

  • User accounts
  • GSI business application
  • Hardware and software order
  • Registration of a network device (IP address)
  • Inclusion in the telephone directory, informed consent for worldwide exposure on the Web telephone directory
  • Firewall application


  • GEANT4 toolkit for the simulation of the passage of particles through matter

GSI Certificates

GSI Service Portal:

  • Access  to GSI Identity Management System (your user profile and account data, registered devices) and other applications like telephone list, project time recording, WebDAV, online security instructions, etc.

IP Address:

  • Apply for an IP address

IT Rules: The following information is only available inside GSI

  • IT rules and regulations: guidelines IT use, password & account rules

KeePass/KeePassX: Password management program




  • Linux help is available on our IT pages or in our Linux Wiki

Mail: The following information is only available inside GSI

Mozilla Thunderbird:

  • Configure Thunderbird using Windows
  • Configure Thunderbird using Linux

Multifunction copiers: The following information is only available inside GSI

  • How to use the Konica-Minolta copiers


  • WLAN: Eduroam/DFN access at GSI, WLAN guest accounts, VPN/Web
  • IP Address: Request an IP address for the GSI network
  • Portsecurity: Port security at the GSI network
  • Twisted Pair connection: How do you apply for and cancel a Twisted Pair Ethernet connection
  • Firewall: Firewall application
  • Howto order network components

On call:

  • In case of a breakdown of computing components which are vital for experimental operating, the IT department provides on call support for the central computing systems

Ordering IT Equipment: The following information is only available inside GSI

  • Informationen and forms for ordering IT hardware (standard PCs, notebooks, monitors, printers and peripherals, network equipment) and software


Outlook e-mail client:

  • Configure  Outlook

Password: The following information is only available inside GSI

  • change password, rules for safe password handling

PC Werkstatt:

  • In the PC Werkstatt installations and repairs are made to standard desktops




Printer: The following information is only available inside GSI

  • Overview
  • How to purchase a printer
  • Howto use a Konica-Minolta multifunction copier
  • Print from the guest network with  Apple and Windows
  • Printing confidential documents

Project support:

  • Base-IT supports all projects that require access to their resources (German only)


Remote access:


  • Information about configuration, mailing lists and links: ROOT@GSI Wiki


  • How to use Samba Samba to exchange files between Windows and Linux


  • SAP guide


  • The IT class room SB3 1.239a is located behind the Benutzerraum 1.239


  • Application in the Web Browser
  • iOS Configuration
  • Howto move your seafile data from the testserver to the current system (German only)


Software Update Service:

  • Information about the Windows  software update service (German only)

SSH Clients:

Standard PC:

  • Information about GSI Standard PC
  • Information about GSI Standard Notebooks


Terminal room:

  • Power and network connections, Windows & Linux PCs, scanners and printers are available in the IT terminal room

Text Processing:

Thunderbird e-mail client:

  • Thunderbird configuration: Windows, Linux.
  • Include calendars of Meeting rooms (German only)

Tips & tricks for Windows/Office:

  • A sample of useful tricks and tips about Windows and Office: Wiki (German only)


  • Procedures in case of IT related trouble, even outside the opening times, can be found in this guide.

Trouble Ticket System: The following information is only available inside GSI or via web login

  • The IT Trouble Ticket Systems handles incidents, questions or requests from our IT users


Twisted pair connection:

Typo3 Dokumentation:

  • Our Typo3 documentation. This information is only available inside GSI

User Accounts:

  • How to apply for accounts for Linux, Windows, localadmin, Email, GSI Web Login, WLAN  guest accounts and SAP
  • Rules for safe handling of passwords
  • How to change or reset passwords

User Help Desk:


  • Informations about video conferences @ GSI  (intern  only)

Virtual Monte Carlo:

  • Information about the simulation software Virtual Monte Carlo



  • Useful tools for Windows and Office user


  • Guides: SSH clients WinSCP, PuTTY & SSH


  •  Configure your eduroam/DFN access at GSI and WLAN guest account; information how to obtain a WLAN conference account

X-Win 32 or X2Go:

  • X-Win 32 allows you to access a linux host from your windows pc.
  • X2Go is an Open Source Software and allows you to access a linux host from your windows pc.

If you have any further questions or remarks, please contact it-service.