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Base IT's User Guides, Forms and Additional Information

Get help and useful tips on the following topics:

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  • Informations and docus for using Apple devices, hints for device procurement




  • Internet Explorer (Configuration)


  • CATIA @ GSI is maintained by the staff of the Central Engineering


Citrix Receiver:


DOXiS4: The following information is only available inside GSI

  • Instructions on risk management, contract management, session and committee management, granting permissions, winCube installation, and a general user guide.


  • Instructions how to configure the wireless access on Windows, Linux,  Blackberry or Samsung Galaxy


  • Information on e-mail you will find under Mail

Event Client-Server System:

  • Informationen about the remote event server and the client server for online data analysis of experimental data

Exeriment Data Storage:

  • Informationen on the topics of mass storage for experiment data, GStore, event client / server packages and conversion to ROOT


  • FairRoot: simulation and analysis framework, developed at the GSI/IT

Feedback Base IT:

  • Send your feedback via web form to the Base IT.


Here is a compilation of all Webanträge and forms for the following IT topics:

  • User accounts
  • GSI business application
  • Hardware and software order
  • Registration of a network device (IP address)
  • Inclusion in the telephone directory, informed consent for worldwide exposure on the Web telephone directory
  • Firewall application


  • GEANT4 toolkit for the simulation of the passage of particles through matter

GSI Certificates

GSI Service Portal:

  • Access  to GSI Identity Management System (your user profile and account data, registered devices) and other applications like telephone list, project time recording, WebDAV, online security instructions, etc.


  • The GSI Archive storage system for experiment data, provides hardware and tools for safe, reliable, and, if necessary, redundant long term storage of all experiment data, with fast access.

IP Address:

  • Apply for an IP address

IT Rules: The following information is only available inside GSI

  • IT rules and regulations: guidelines IT use, password & account rules




  • Linux help is available on our IT pages or in our Linux Wiki

Mail: The following information is only available inside GSI

Mozilla Thunderbird:

  • Configure Thunderbird using Windows
  • Configure Thunderbird using Linux

Multifunction copiers: The following information is only available inside GSI

  • How to use the Konica-Minolta copiers


  • WLAN: Eduroam/DFN access at GSI, WLAN guest accounts, VPN/Web
  • IP Address: Request an IP address for the GSI network
  • Portsecurity: Port security at the GSI network
  • Twisted Pair connection: How do you apply for and cancel a Twisted Pair Ethernet connection
  • Firewall: Firewall application
  • Howto order network components

On call:

  • In case of a breakdown of computing components which are vital for experimental operating, the IT department provides on call support for the central computing systems

Ordering IT Equipment: The following information is only available inside GSI

  • Informationen and forms for ordering IT hardware (standard PCs, notebooks, monitors, printers and peripherals, network equipment) and software


Outlook e-mail client:

  • Configure  Outlook 2010

Password: The following information is only available inside GSI

  • change password, rules for safe password handling

PC Werkstatt:

  • In the PC Werkstatt installations and repairs are made to standard desktops




Printer: The following information is only available inside GSI

  • Overview
  • How to purchase a printer
  • Howto use a Konica-Minolta multifunction copier
  • Print from the guest network with  Apple and Windows
  • Printing confidential documents

Project support:

  • Base-IT supports all projects that require access to their resources (German only)


Remote access:


  • Information about configuration, mailing lists and links: ROOT@GSI Wiki


  • How to use Samba Samba to exchange files between Windows and Linux


  • SAP guide


  • The IT class room SB3 1.239a is located behind the Benutzerraum 1.239

Seafile Data Transfer:

  • Howto move your seafile data from the testserver to the current system (German only)


Software Update Service:

  • Information about the Windows  software update service (German only)

SSH Clients:

Standard PC:

  • Information about GSI Standard PC
  • Information about GSI Standard Notebooks


Terminal room:

  • Power and network connections, Windows & Linux PCs, scanners and printers are available in the IT terminal room

Text Processing:

Thunderbird e-mail client:

  • Thunderbird configuration: Windows, Linux.
  • Include calendars of Meeting rooms (German only)

Tips & tricks for Windows/Office:

  • A sample of useful tricks and tips about Windows and Office: Wiki (German only)


  • Procedures in case of IT related trouble, even outside the opening times, can be found in this guide.

Trouble Ticket System: The following information is only available inside GSI or via web login

  • The IT Trouble Ticket Systems handles incidents, questions or requests from our IT users


Twisted pair connection:

Typo3 Dokumentation:

  • Our Typo3 documentation. This information is only available inside GSI

User Accounts:

  • How to apply for accounts for Linux, Windows, localadmin, Email, GSI Web Login, WLAN  guest accounts and SAP
  • Rules for safe handling of passwords
  • How to change or reset passwords

User Help Desk:


  • Informations about video conferences @ GSI  (intern  only)

Virtual Monte Carlo:

  • Information about the simulation software Virtual Monte Carlo

Web Conference:

  • Informations about web conferences with Adobe Connect



  • Useful tools for Windows and Office user


  • Guides: SSH clients WinSCP, PuTTY & SSH


  •  Configure your eduroam/DFN access at GSI and WLAN guest account; information how to obtain a WLAN conference account

X-Win 32 or X2Go:

  • X-Win 32 allows you to access a linux host from your windows pc.
  • X2Go is an Open Source Software and allows you to access a linux host from your windows pc.

If you have any further questions or remarks, please contact it-service.