Technology Laboratory - Facilities

PVA Vacuum heat treatment furnace MOV 652 T

Max. Operating temperature in vacuum: 1700 ° C

Max. Operating temperature for inert gas operation: 1200 ° C

Component diameter 380mm, height 600mm

Ultimate vacuum in the empty, clean and cold oven: 1x10-6 mbar


Helium leak detectors: Leybold Phoenix L500i, Leybold Phoenix L300i

Precision balance: Mettler TOLEDO max.1.6kg

Ultrasonic cleaning system: Elma Xtra pro 550, basket size (WxDxH) 244x424x200 [mm]; Maximum 15kg (not for UHV applications, cleaning does not comply with Technical Guideline 6.1 and ff.)

Vacuum furnace up to max 250 ° C e.g. for potting

Articulated measuring arm: FARO Edge, Laser Line Probe

High-performance height measuring device: Mitutoyo QM-Height 600

Convection drying cabinet

Precision saw: For cutting ceramics

Surface roughness gauges

Various measuring equipment such as outside micrometers and inside micrometers