Tasks and objectives of the department

      1. Operation, maintenance and upgrades of the existing beam cooling systems (SIS electron cooling, ESR electron cooling, ESR stochastic cooling, CRYRING electron cooling). This includes the hardware, the controls concepts  and the operation modes for these systems.

      2. Setting up and commissioning the CRYRING electron cooler.

      3. Responsibility and realization of the CR stochastic cooling (s.c)

        3.1. Planning (simulations, general concept, system design)
        3.2. Development, procurement and testing of s.c. components
        3.3. Setting up and commissioning the complete s.c. system

      4. Support of the operating staff during beam manipulations with cooling.

      5. Machine development experiments and new methods involving cooling at the GSI/FAIR storage rings.

      6. in house expertise, international synergies and collaborations on beam cooling physics and techniques.