EMMI Management

With the name of a person are given his/her email-address and GSI coordinates: building / room and phone, being an extension to +49 (0)6159 71.

  • Scientific Director
    Prof. Dr. Peter Braun-Munzinger (P.Braun-Munzinger AT gsi.de, KBW 5.001, +2760)
  • Scientific Coordinator
    Prof. Dr. Carlo Ewerz (C.Ewerz AT gsi.de, KBW 5.002a, +1698)
  • EMMI Office (EMMI-office AT gsi.de)
    Karin Stix (K.Stix AT gsi.de, KBW 5.009, +1709)
    Maria Wallner (M.Wallner AT gsi.de, KBW 5.009, +1808)
  • EMMI Consultant