Target Laboratory

In principle there are two different possibilities to study the interaction between matter. Matter can be accelerated on to each other, where it collides the interaction can be investigated. This is applied for studying the interaction between identical materials. Accelerating the material on a fixed target is the second possibility. This allows a huge amount of combinations. The various products of the interaction between the heavy-ion beam and the target matter as for example fission products, recoil particles, or compound nuclei are analysed with suitable detectors behind the target.

Here, at the target laboratory, most of the targets internally needed are produced, as well as those for external experiments where people from GSI are involved. In this laboratory different processes for the production of thin films, thick films and bulk targets as well as for the surface preparation are applied, developed and improved. The main task is the production of self-supporting films over a thickness range from a few 100 nm up to several cm. But also the production of backed targets as well as the characterization of surfaces and thin films is a part of our tasks.

Here you can find a brief overview of the techniques available and the sevices we are offering. 


Dr. Bettina Lommel

Phone: +49-6159-71-2691

Location: SB3 4.173


Dr. Birgit Kindler

Phone: +49-6159-71-2523

Location: SB3 4.171