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A warm welcome to our new postdoc Dr. Dila Kaya.

Dila received her M.Sc., and Ph.D. degrees in the Physical Chemistry program of Yildiz Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey. So far in her career, she mainly focused on ion-track etching and the applications of synthetic nanopores. Some of these applications are based on either resistive-pulse or ion-current rectification sensing paradigms using single nanopores for the detection of various analytes including biomaterials, nanoparticles and metal ions. She also has experience on tailoring nanopore geometry and surface groups as well as mass transport of analytes utilizing multiporous membranes. She joined us at GSI as a postdoc scientist to focus on the fabrication and design of nanopores to be used as protein crystallizing media for in situ diffraction data collection.

Wir gratulieren Verena Velthaus ganz herzlich zum erfolgreichen Abschluss ihrer Promotion am 4. Juli 2023 an der TU Darmstadt.
In ihrer Arbeit  beschäftigte sich Verena mit Materialfragen zur Reduzierung von Desorptionsprozessen die durch das Auftreffen von Ionenstrahlen auf Beschleunigerkomponenten ausgelöst werden und dadurch das dynamische Vakuum verschlechtern.
Wir gratulieren Verena zudem zu ihrer neuen Forschungsstelle und wünschen spannende neue Aufgaben.

We congratulate Verena Velthaus on the successful completion of her PhD on July 4, 2023 at the TU Darmstadt. In her dissertation, Verena investigated material issues for reducing desorption processes triggered when swift heavy ions impinge on accelerator components and degrade the dynamic vacuum. We also congratulate Verena on her new research position and wish her all the best for this new challenge.