Laser Spectroscopy of highly charged ions and exotic radioactive nuclei (LaserSpHERe)

Helmholtz Young Investigators Group

Department of Nuclear Chemistry
Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz

A young researcher group founded by the German Helmholtz-Society. The research subject of this group is the study of exotic radioactive isotopes and highly-charged ions by the most modern means of atomic physics.

The main working fields are:

  1. high-precision laser spectroscopy on so-called halo-nuclei like 11Li or the beryllium isotopes 11Be and 14Be
  2. laser spectroscopy of highly charged and cooled ions like U91+ in a Penning trap and the ESR storage ring
  3. laser spectroscopy of other exotic nuclei to determine ground state excitations
  4. preparation of laser spectroscopic methods for the determination of ground-state properties of short-lived, radioactive isotopes far-off stability at the future FAIR facility.


Moreover, we are involved in a test of special relativity at the ESR using laser spectroscopy on Li+ ions and storage-ring laser cooling experiments.

The experiments of the Laser-SpHERe group are mainly located at two places: at the university of Mainz a measurement of short-lived beryllium isotopes is being prepared and at GSI two laser laboratories are available one for laser development and off-line measurements and one for laser spectroscopy at the ESR storage ring.

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