Subproject SIS100/SIS18 (SIS) 


The subproject division SIS100 / SIS18 is responsible for the technical design and implementation of the synchrotron SIS100 in the project FAIR@GSI.

Together with the associated departments to realise the new plant will be tendering for the preparation and production of mature structures, promoted via support for productions up to the complete production.

Furthermore, the subproject area is responsible for the full development of all necessary superconducting magnets, high-voltage pulse technique and ring Rf systems. This also applies to the complete linear- and nonlinear beam physics of ring accelerator and data supply of the devices in the project FAIR@GSI.

This includes both, the scientific and technical construction, as well as design, production engineering support, magnetic measurement and commissioning.

Last but not least, the responsibility of the subproject division is the machine coordination of the already operating synchrotron SIS18, the ring accelerator at GSI and its upgrade to the required future performance.


María Aguilera

Tel: +49-6159-71-1420

Room: C27.3.021


Organisation of Project Division SIS100/SIS18 (SIS)





Ring HV (RHV)

Dr. Udo Blell



Ring RF Systems (RRF)

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Harald Klingbeil


BR1 3.012

System Design SIS100/SIS18 (SYS)

Dr. David Ondreka



SC Magnets and Testing (SCM)

Dr. Christian Roux