Group Magnet Testing & Technology (MTT)


The "Magnet Testing & Technology group (MTT)" of the SCM department (Superconducting Magnets & Testing) is responsible for the planning, development, installation and continuous care of the measuring equipment for the qualification of superconducting components for FAIR.

The range of tasks extends from the provision of the measuring devices to the installation of the data logging and control systems on the GSI test stands (PTF and STF) and the development of measuring systems for high-precision magnetic field measurements and geometric measurements on cryomagnetic modules for SIS100.

Another focus of the MTT tasks is the elaboration of detailed planning, organisation and implementation of acceptance tests on the SIS100 superconducting components. The preparation of the test plans and execution on the GSI test stands are carried out in close collaboration with the Cryogenics (CRY), Vacuum Systems (VAC) and Transport and Installation (TRI) departments, as well as with the groups Superconducting Magnet Technology (SMT), Magnet Electrical Systems (MES) and Survey and Alignment (NCM_SA).


Head of Group

Dr. Anna Szwangruber

Phone: +49-6159-71-1524
Room: C26.2.021



The assignment of the group members to the groups are visible in the list of group members of MTT (available internally only).