Report Topics - Longitudinal Beam Dynamics and RF-Systems


Phase Calibration & Verification by 4:2:1 Bunch Merging in SIS18



Testing the Data Supply Control System with Bunch Merging in SIS18

16.08.2011 ;


Bunch Merging in SIS18-Fully Controlled by the Central Control System

30.06.201 ;


Reduktion der Strahlimpedanz durch Fast Feedback im SIS18 (German)

20.04.2011 ;


Beam Experiment Stationary Dual Harmonic Operation under High-Intensiy Conditions

13.12.2010 ;


Oline Phase Space Tomography of fast compressed bunch using new fast current transformer signal

18.03.2010 ;


Beam Experiment Dual Harmonic Operation with Acceleration

10.03.2010 ;


Longitudinal momentum spread and micro bunch filamentation

23.10.2009 ;


Dependence of the longitudinal beam distribution on multi-turn injection

04.08.2009 ;


Beam Experiments Concerning Damping of Longitudinal Quadrupole Oscillations in SIS12/18

24.10.2007 ;


First Beam Experiments Concerning Closed Loop Damping of Quadrupole Oscillations in SIS12/18

11.06.2007/28.08.2007 ;


Machine Development Experiment Concerning Excitation and Open Loop Damping of Longitudinal Quadrupole Oscillations in SIS12/18



Messungen zum 1-und 2-Kavitätenbetrieb: Gezielte Anregung von Quadrupolschwingungen (German)

16.-17.08.2006 ;


Measurements and Analysis of the Transverse Beam Transfer Function (BTF) at the SIS18 Synchrotron

24.10.2006 ;


Machine Development Experiments on Cavity Synchronization in the SIS12/18

07.-08.06.2005 ;


HF-Gymnastik mit zwei Harmonischen (German)

18.-19.12.2002 ;


Maschinenexperimente zur longitudinalen Emittanzentwicklung im SIS (German)

31.10.-01.11.2002 ;


Maschinenexperimente zum Hochfrequenzeinfang im SIS (German)



Maschinenexperimente zum longitudinalen Strahlverhalten während des Hochfrequenzeinfangs (German)

05.-06.06.2002 ;


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