Hardware and Electronics (HEL)

We are the hardware and electronic lab of the ACO division. Our task is to provide connections between the accelerator control system and individual accelerator components on hardware level.

Over a dozen of people are involved in designing, prototyping, production, commisioning and finally maintenance of various circuits and devices.

In parallel with hardware, we develop code for programmable logic and firmware of all arts needed for our devices to run.

We stay in tight connection with the  Front-End Control (FEC) group which provides interfacing software and the  Timing and Online Scheduling (TOS) group to provide White-Rabbit timing.

Tasks and projects

The core of our activity are hardware-related projects and tasks:

  • Development of front-end controllers and various electronic devices to control the FAIR and GSI acelerator components
  • Development of programmable logic
  • Development of system integration components
  • Maintenance, upgrade and replacement of old control devices
  • Assembly of electronic devices
  • Education and training of young technicians in 'Electronics for Systems and Devices'
  • Technical support of the machine operation team, service and repairs


Dr. Michał Dziewiecki

Tel: +49 6159 71 3045

Mobile: +49 151 461 05 332

Office: BR3.2.163