Mechanische Werkstatt

The "mechanical workshop" is the central, internal production facility for the mechanical processing and pre-assembly of accelerator and experiment components required at GSI. The following tasks result from this function:

  • Processing short-term, unplannable repair and adjustment work on accelerator and experiment components,
  • Processing of particularly difficult, time-consuming and complicated manufacturing work that requires special expertise,
  • Production of prototypes and demo components during the development of accelerator and experiment components.

The efficient processing of these different tasks is possible by modern, versatile equipment and a closely coordinated cooperation together with the organization unit "Engineering".


The “metalworking” shop is a production workshop with a very wide range of tasks. In addition to general work (support for building maintenance, making railings and fences, subframes, etc.), components for accelerator and experimental setups are mainly manufactured in our workshop, e.g. vacuum chambers and other components that have to withstand extreme requirements up to ultra-high vacuum. The spectrum of processing ranges from foils and thin sheets to steel girders and from construction steel to stainless austenitic steels, aluminum and aluminum alloys to special materials such as titanium and molybdenum.


Department head: Markus Romig (Tel: 2507)­­

Deputy: Stephan Teich (Tel: 2507)