Review article reports on five decades of superheavy element research at GSI/FAIR


In a review article in the diamond jubilee issue of the journal “Radiochimica Acta”, researchers from GSI/FAIR, the Helmholtz Institute Mainz, and Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz report on highlights of the research on superheavy elements (SHE) carried out at GSI over the past five decades. The article focuses on the discovery of the “superheavies” and on chemical studies addressing the placement of the new, heaviest elements in the periodic table of elements.

Research on superheavy elements has been one of the strong pillars of the research program since GSI was founded in 1969. Six new elements and many new isotopes were discovered and their nuclear and atomic structure was studied. Chemical studies allowed comparing their behavior to that of their lighter homologs in the periodic table and with theoretical predictions. An outlook on new developments for the next years completes the article. (CP)

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