Adventure tour into science: GSI and FAIR invite to Open House


How are the building blocks of our life created? What weapons can help humanity in the fight against cancer? What are planets composed of in their innermost core? What is currently happening on the construction site for one of the world's largest research projects? Answers to these and many other exciting questions can be found at the Open House, to which the GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung and the future accelerator center FAIR invite on Saturday, 15 July 2023, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. On this day, visitors can get to know the research campus of GSI and FAIR with a program for the whole family. For the visit, all guests need a ticket (free of charge), which has to be booked electronically in advance at for organizational reasons. Ticket sales start on June 1.

Seeing. Experiencing. Understanding: The Open House offers an adventure trip into science and leads right into the heart of the cutting-edge research activities at GSI and FAIR with numerous information and entertainment offers. Scientists, engineers and technicians explain their work and give insights into the fascinating world of research. There is a wide range of opportunities for the guests. Thanks to the ticket system, visitors can conveniently plan their stay in advance and organize it individually.

On the date, the guests can explore the campus with guided tours. There are several tours to choose from, also in English and offerings with barrier-free access and without age restriction. All of them give a good overview of research facilities, technology departments, accelerators and experiments. The visitors can see, for example, the accelerator facilities, where during research operations ions can race at around 270,000 kilometers per second, or the experiments with detectors as tall as houses, which can detect several hundred reaction products simultaneously. Other bookable tours focus on the 20-hectare construction site for the world’s outstanding particle accelerator facility FAIR and the unique high-tech developments for this great future project.

The “Science Square” near the future FAIR control center, is all about enjoying the international atmosphere of GSI and FAIR with a diverse catering offer and entertainment program. There, as well, the focus is on science: There will be hands-on experiments and opportunities to talk directly with researchers about topics such as technology transfer or space travel. Persons interested in working at one of the most exciting international research facilities can get information about the wide variety of job opportunities at GSI and FAIR.

The Open House at GSI and FAIR is also part of the nationwide program for the Science Year 2023. The campaign is proclaimed annually with a changing theme by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, 2023 titled “Our Universe”. This year’s topic fits particularly well with the future accelerator center FAIR, which has the motto “The Universe in the Laboratory”. At FAIR, matter that usually only exists in the depth of space will be produced and explored in the laboratory. Scientists from all over the world will be able to gain new insights into the structure of matter and the evolution of the universe from the Big Bang to the present. In addition, the event coincides with the celebrations of the 850th anniversary of the city district Wixhausen, closely connected to GSI/FAIR as a neighboring district.

The GSI and FAIR managing directors Professor Paolo Giubellino, Dr. Ulrich Breuer and Jörg Blaurock look forward to the Open House with great anticipation: “All of us working at GSI and FAIR are very excited to welcome the visitors and want to spark enthusiasm and curiosity for science with the Open House. It is important for us to inform the public about our work and our concept for the future, to inspire people and to strengthen the interest for scientific and technical topics, also among the interested young people. Science needs many bright minds using their talent for research. We also want to show the possibilities of international collaboration and how society can benefit from modern research. That's why we strongly hope to welcome numerous guests on July 15.” (BP)


Tickets: Individual “Open House” tickets free of charge must be purchased in advance.

Booking portal: free ticket booking at (starting 1 June 2023)

Booking options: a) guided campus tours or construction site tours at fixed starting times (duration approx. 75 min.) with stay at the “Science Square” b) stay at the “Science Square” without guided tours (duration unlimited)

Maximum number: up to six tickets per person can be booked

Admission: The ticket entitles you to admission from 10 a.m., please arrive at the entrance at least 30 min. before the starting time of your booked tour

Language: Guided tours are also offered in English at certain times.

Age restrictions: All ages are welcome at the “Science Square”; age restriction for the guided tours can be found on the ticketing website.

Accessibility: Accessibility is provided in the "Science Square"; restrictions on guided tours can be found on the ticketing website.

Gastronomy: A gastronomic offer is available on a self-pay basis