Fellowship of the Chinese Academy of Sciences for Danyal Winters


GSI scientist Danyal Winters was awarded a Fellowship of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. In this context, he received an invitation to spend several months of research in China within two years. At the Institute of Modern Physics (IMP) in Lanzhou, he will research on the field of laser cooling of stored relativistic ions and further intensify the already successful collaboration between GSI and IMP.

The Visiting Scientist Fellowship for Associate Professors will allow Danyal Winters to conduct research in Professor Xinwen Ma's group at the Institute of Modern Physics (IMP, Lanzhou) within 2021 to 2022. The prestigious award under the President's International Fellowship Initiative (PIFI) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) is a special funding program to enable talented foreign researchers to engage in scientific exchange and research collaboration in China.

Danyal Winters is the deputy head of the storage rings department at GSI and FAIR, work package leader "SIS100 laser cooling pilot facility" and work group coordinator "laser cooling" of the SPARC collaboration (APPA). At IMP, he will extend his research in the field of laser cooling and fluorescence diagnosis of stored relativistic ions at the Cooler Storage Ring (CSRe). He will use new detector and laser systems developed in the long-standing collaboration between IMP and GSI together with other groups at German universities (Darmstadt, Dresden, Münster). The FAIR project is also strengthened by this research exchange: further developments in laser cooling are significant for the FAIR accelerator SIS100 and the SPARC collaboration, of which the Chinese researchers are also active members. (LW)