Promoting young scientists: GSI/FAIR and JINR establish joint international school


It is a strong signal for the future: GSI/FAIR and the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR) are promoting young talents in international cooperation and therefore jointly establish the "International Joint FAIR/GSI-JINR School". Representatives of both institutions have now concluded a corresponding agreement.

The very good collaboration between GSI and JINR has a long tradition and includes science and technology at the existing accelerator and experimental facilities of both partners as well as research and development activities for the two accelerator centers FAIR and NICA, currently being built at GSI in Darmstadt and at JINR in Dubna. The new school shall cover the current and future scientific programs and its high quality offer is addressed to young participants from all member states of GSI/FAIR and JINR/NICA.

The school is organized alternately once a year for a period of 10 to 14 days in Germany or Russia or one of the FAIR or JINR member states. It offers 40 to 50 PhD students the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the research areas and technological developments at FAIR/GSI and JINR, especially in the topics Hadron and Nuclear Physics, Atomic Physics, Plasma Physics, Materials Research, Biophysics and Radiation Medicine, Accelerator Physics, Detector Research and Development, Micro/Nano-Electronics, Information Technology and High-Performance Computing and more. Thus, the young scientists will learn about the entire scientific and technological scope of the research programs pursued at FAIR/GSI and JINR.

Professor Paolo Giubellino was enthusiastic about the new cooperation and underlined the importance of scientific education: "The school will offer excellent opportunities and open up promising new perspectives. That is essential. Because the students from today are the FAIR scientists of tomorrow. With our new offer, we will attract the researchers of the future. Moreover, the new offer will further strengthen the close and very good cooperation between the two institutes in Darmstadt and Dubna".

The "International FAIR/GSI-JINR School" benefits from the experience of both institutions with such offers, for example the „joint Helmholtz-Rosatom Schools dedicated to FAIR physics“ and several „International FAIR-Schools“. The new project will bring together excellent young students and familiarize them with FAIR/GSI and JINR research and technologies. As the experiences from the existing offers show, students and lecturers highly appreciate this multidisciplinary structure.

The International FAIR/GSI-JINR School combines excellent pedagogical lectures given by international GSI, FAIR, and JINR experts with workshop sessions where the students will solve problems and tackle projects in the presence of the lecturers. Participants are selected based on individual applications and recommendation letters by their scientific supervisors. The focus will lie also on getting a good mix of nationalities in order to foster consistently more international collaboration. The offer aims at PhD students, who will be able to gain concentrated experience in small groups with direct feedback from their supervisors and will get a full overview far beyond their own field of research.

Professor Giubellino stressed, “This, together with the very open discussion culture of the event, leads to discussions across the border of research groups, disciplines and countries. We jointly promote new talents, bring together young people from all over the world and even in COVID times go forward in a focused way building the future”.

In their agreement, the two partner institutions emphasize, “Especially in today’s environment of a more and more global world, the competence to discuss, collaborate and cooperate within international teams will become increasingly more important. The community of scientists always has been on the forefront of global partnership and will continue to do so”. The "International Joint FAIR/GSI-JINR School" will make an important contribution to this. (BP)