“Wixhäuser Grenzgang”: Visit at GSI and FAIR


The participants of the “Wixhäuser Grenzgang” this year were guests at GSI and FAIR on their traditional hike along the district borders. During the one hour stopover on the campus the 110 guests got an exciting insight into the current research at GSI and FAIR as well as information about the progress of the FAIR project.

Dr. Ingo Peter and Carola Pomplun from the Public Relations Department welcomed the guests. During their visit, the participants, among others the state parliamentary candidates from CDU and SPD, Irmgard Klaff-Isselmann und Tim Huß, had also the possibility to form their own impressions of the mega construction site for the future FAIR accelerator facility. Of particular interest was the view of the construction site from the hill above the existing SIS18 ring accelerator, which has been extensively upgraded. The guests also had the opportunity to learn about the outstanding experimental opportunities available to researchers at FAIR.

The border crossing, organized by the Wixhausen district administrator Bernd Henske and the first chairman of the trade association Klaus Müller, started at Kerbplatz Wixhausen and ended with a final rest at Aumühle. The “Wixhäuser Grenzgang” has been organised again since its incorporation in 1977, and the district administration has thus revived an old tradition. (BP)