Compensation measures

FAIR undertakes various compensation measures to minimize the impact of the construction process on the neighbourhood as well as on nature.

Environmental compensation

An urban development agreement for regulating the compensatory measures was drawn up for this purpose. Environmental supervision is accompanying the planning and construction processes, and “round table” meetings with professional authorities and experts are held regularly.

Among the compensation measures is the reforestation in the immediate surroundings, e.g in the districts of Arheilgen (Täubcheshöhle and Kalkofen) and Wixhausen (near the B3 highway and Hahnwiesenbach). To protect animals as bats, amphibians and sand lizards new habitats were created and relocations took place. 

Apart from that, ecological measures were taken to created new natural biotopes for threatened and rare plants as well as preserved animals (e.g. in Stahlberge natural monument  and Mörsbacher Grund nature reserve).

Accompanying projects

In order to reduce the traffic in Gewerbegebiet Wixhausen and its residents a bypass road for construction traffic was built that connects the B3 highway with Messeler-Park-Straße.

The excavated soil of the construction of the underground accelerator tunnel is stored on areas next to the construction site and therefore does not have to be transported elsewhere via the public road network. After the tunnel’s construction, all of the soil will be used on the construction site again, so that the storages will disappear completely.

For the construction of the tunnel meanwhile the groundwater is being locally drawn down. The water that has been pumped away is channeled back into the groundwater at approximately 50 discharge or infiltration wells in the direct vicinity of the construction site. The groundwater level is continuously monitored at measuring stations located all around the construction site. After the construction measures have been concluded, the groundwater will once again be able to flow normally.

Survey pillars have been set up at various locations around the FAIR construction site. With the help of this surveyor’s network, surveying engineers superimpose the construction plans on the construction site so that the construction can be realized as planned.