Apprenticeship and dual studies at GSI

Apprenticeship at GSI

GSI has been a vocational training company since 1976 and trains the following professions:

The apprenticeships start every year after the Hessian summer vacations.


We offer the following events for our apprentices:

  • Get to know each other - afternoon before the start of the training, where our new apprentices (and their parents) have the opportunity to get to know the vocational trainers and other contact persons concerning the vocational training.
  • Introductory event "FirstSteps@GSI": On this day, which usually takes place in the first month after the start of the training, our new apprentices get an overview of GSI and FAIR and have the opportunity to get to know each other better.
  • In-company lessons: The industrial apprentices from the 1st year of apprenticeship receive weekly in-company lessons of approx. 2 hours in mathematics and materials science.
  • Graduation ceremony: After passing the final examination, the graduates are invited to a small ceremony.


Contact persons in the Human Resources Department are:

The dual study at GSI

In addition to the usual apprenticeship, GSI also offers the possibility to combine a study with a job in our specialized departments. This career path gained increasing popularity in recent years, as the advantages of a practical apprenticeship can be combined with an academic degree.

GSI has so-called cooperation agreements with several universities of applied sciences about practice-integrated study courses. This means that students are supervised at GSI during the lecture-free period and partly work on their own projects, while the theory is regularly taught at the universities of applied sciences during the lecture period.

Cooperation agreements exist for the following study programs:

  • Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.) Occupational Safety (German: Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.) Arbeitssicherheit)
  • Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.) Radiation Protection (German) Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.) Strahlenschutz
  • Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.) Computer Science dual (KoSI)
  • Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.) Computer Science dual (KESS)
  • Bachelor of Science (B. Eng.) Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (KoSE)


Our partner universities of applied sciences:


Contact person in the Human Resources Department is:

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