EMMI Seminars




EMMI RRTF Part 1, Online Workshop 2:
Real and virtual photon production at ultra-low transverse momentum and low mass at LHC
Jacopo Ghiglieri, Charles Gale, Klaus Reygers, Charlotte Gebhardt, Evgeny Kryshen
Sep 14, 2021

EMMI RRTF Part 1, Online Workshop 1:
Real and virtual photon production at ultra-low transverse momentum and low mass at LHC
Sebastian Scheid, Hendrik van Hees, Ralf Rapp, Soeren Schlichting, Babak Salehi Kasmaei, Otto Nachtmann
Sep 13, 2021

EMMI RRTF Preparatory Lecture and Online Seminar
Bremsstrahlung Photons from stopping
Urs Wiedemann
Sep 7, 2021

EMMI NQM Seminar
Soft-QCD Physics at the LHC
Valentina Zaccolo
Aug 25, 2021

EMMI NQM Seminar
Update of the Three-fluid Hydrodynamics-based Event Simulator (THESEUS) and light-nuclei production in heavy-ion collisions
Marina Kozhevnikova
Apr 21, 2021

EMMI Online Seminar
Classicalization and unitarization of wee partons in QCD and gravity: the CGC-Black Hole correspondence
Raju Venugopalan
Mar 4, 2021

EMMI Online Seminar
Soft photons, the Low theorem, and ALICE 3
Peter Braun-Munzinger
Feb 4, 2021

EMMI NQM Seminar
The hyperon puzzle in neutron stars
Ignazio Bombaci
Jan 20, 2021

EMMI Online Seminar
What can pQCD and lattice say about the thermal photon rate?
Mikko Laine
Jan 19, 2021


Infrared Structure and Memory in Gauge Theory
Andrew Strominger
Nov 25, 2020


EMMI NQM Seminar
Highlights of the Quark Matter 2019 Conference
Various speakers
Dec 2, 2019

EMMI Hadron Physics Seminar
Dispersive analysis of meson-meson scattering and light resonances
J.R. Pelaez
Nov 20, 2019

EMMI NQM Seminar
Production of light (anti-) nuclei and (anti-)hypernuclei with ALICE at the LHC
Ramona Lea
Oct 22, 2019

EMMI Hadron Physics Seminar
Exotic mesons with two heavy quarks from lattice QCD
Marc Wagner
Oct 16, 2019

EMMI NQM Seminar
Outlook for heavy-ion collisions in the LHC after Run 2
John Jowett
Sep 9, 2019, GSI

EMMI Hadron Physics Seminar
Light Meson Decays and Spectroscopy at BESIII
Shuangshi Fang
Aug 28, 2019

EMMI NQM Seminar
Open heavy-flavour production with ALICE at the LHC
Sudhir Rode
Aug 14, 2019

EMMI NQM Seminar
The structure of the nucleus and proton at the LHC
Anthony Timmins
Jul 19, 2019

EMMI NQM Seminar
Collectivity in hadroinic systems at the LHC
Prabhat Pujahari
Jul 1, 2019

EMMI Hadron Physics Seminar
Exotic mesons at COMPASS
Bernhard Ketzer
Jun 5, 2019

EMMI NQM Seminar
"Chemical" vs. "kinetic" freeze-out of light nuclei
Ulrich Heinz
Jun 5, 2019

EMMI Hadron Physics Seminar
Modern hadron spectroscopy on the lattice: From bound state masses to scattering amplitudes
Daniel Mohler
May 8, 2019

EMMI Hadron Physics Seminar
Deciphering XYZ
Mihail Volishin
Apr 17, 2019

EMMI NQM Seminar
Heavy flavor azimuthal correlations in cold nuclear matter
Ramona Vogt
Mar 5, 2019

EMMI Hadron Physics Seminar
Searching for Exotic Hadrons at GlueX: From light quarks to charm
Sean Dobbs
Feb 13, 2019

EMMI NQM Seminar
Shedding light on hadron structure with ultra-peripheral collisions
Evgeny Kryshen
Feb 7, 2019

EMMI Hadrons Physics Seminar
How (not) to parameterize two-body amplitudes
Robert Kaminski
Jan 17, 2019


EMMI Hadrons Physics Seminar
Selected BESIII results on XYS states
Wolfgang Gradle
Nov 14, 2018

EMMI Hadrons Physics Seminar
A New QCD Facility for the CERN SPS
Jan Friedrich
Oct 17, 2018

EMMI Hadrons Physics Seminar
Chiral Symmetry and Low-Energy Pion-Photon Reactions
Norbert Kaiser
Sep 26, 2018

EMMI NQM Seminar
Anti- and hyper-nuclei at the LHC and in the cosmos
Alexander Kalweit
Sep 12, 2018

EMMI Hadron Physics Seminar
Hadronic Transitions in Bottomonium and QCD
Simon Eidelman
Aug 29, 2018

EMMI Nuclear and Quark Matter Seminar
Strengths of the holographic approach at high baryon densities
Matthias Kaminski
Jul 25, 2018

EMMI Hadron Physics Seminar
Mass shift of charmonium states in p-bar A collisions
Gyuri Wolf
Jul 4, 2018

EMMI Seminar
Chiral EFT Approach to Nuclear Many-Body Systems - with implications for neutron stars -
Wolfram Weise
Jun 28, 2018

EMMI NQM Seminar
The phases of hot/dense/magnetized QCD from the lattice
Gergely Endrödi
Jun 27, 2018

EMMI Seminar
Which Properties of the Quark-Gluon Plasma can Heavy Flavor Particles Probe?
Ralf Rapp
Jun 15, 2018

EMMI Hadron Physics Seminar
Hadron spectroscopy at Jefferson Lab
Marco Battaglieri
May 9, 2018

EMMI NQM Seminar
The History and Development of ROOT
Rene Brun
Apr 25, 2018

EMMI Hadron Physics Seminar
Open charm spectroscopy
Marco Pappagallo
Apr 18, 2018

EMMI NQM Seminar
Saturation framework results on multiplicity biased pA collisions
Vladimir Skokov
Mar 7, 2018

EMMI NQM Seminar
Neutrino interactions with nuclei and long-baseline experiments
Ulrich Mosel
Feb 21, 2018

EMMI NQM Seminar
Neutron star mergers and the high-density equation of state
Andreas Bauswein
Jan 31, 2018

EMMI Hadron Physics Seminar
Resonances in meson-meson and meson-baryon scattering amplitudes from lattice QCD
John Bulava
Jan 17, 2018


EMMI Hadron Physics Seminar
Drell-Yan physics
Matthias Grosse Perdekamp
Dec 13, 2017

EMMI NQM Seminar
Diffraction, ultra-peripheral collisions, lowx physics at the LHC and connections with physics at the future EIC
Peter Braun-Munzinger
Oct 25, 2017

EMMI NQM Seminar
Jet fragmentation: without and within a medium
Boris Kopeliovich
Sep 13, 2017

EMMI NQM Seminar
Finding the QCD critical point
Vladimir Skokov
Sep 6, 2017

EMMI Hadron Physics Seminar
Hadron Structure with the EIC
Andrea Bressan
Aug 30, 2017

EMMI Nuclear and Quark Matter Seminar
The beauty of heavy ion collisions
Giuseppe Bruno
Aug 23, 2017

EMMI Hadron Physics Seminar
Shallow bound states and universality
Hans-Werner Hammer
Jun 21, 2017

EMMI Hadron Physics Seminar
Baryon spectroscopy at BESIII
Beijiang Liu
Jun 7, 2017

EMMI Nuclear and Quark Matter Seminar
Hadron interaction and consequences for neutron stars
Laura Fabbietti
May 24, 2017

EMMI Hadron Physics Seminar
Polarization observables in vector-meson photoproduction using transversely-polarized protons at Jefferson Lab
Priyashree Roy
May 10, 2017

EMMI Nuclear and Quark Matter Seminar
Controversial Phenomena in Collider Data and the Five Sigma Criterion in high-energy physics
Tommasso Dorigo
Apr 26, 2017

EMM Hadron Physics Seminar
Hadron structure funtions
Alaa Dbeyssi
Apr 12, 2017

EMMI Nuclear and Quark Matter Seminar
Angular correlations as an exprimental tool to probe hadron collisions
Malgorzata Janik
Mar 15, 2017

EMMI Nuclear and Quark Matter Seminar
Summary of Quark Matter
Peter Senger & Amaresh Jaiswal
Feb 15, 2017

EMMI Hadron Physics Seminar
Hyperon-photon physics at FAIR
Stefan Leupold
Jan 17, 2017


EMMI Hadron Physics Seminar
A covariant approach to the partial wave analysis of the hadron reactions
Andrey Sarantsev
Dec 14, 2016

EMMI Nuclear and Quark Matter Seminar
Progress towards the QCD phase diagram
Owe Philipsen
Dec 7, 2016

EMMI Nuclear and Quark Matter Seminar
The ALICE upgrade program
Siliva Masciocchi
Nov 23, 2016

EMMI Hadron Physics Seminar
Exciting baryons with MAMI,
Michael Ostrick
Nov 16, 2016

EMMI Hadron Physics Seminar
Heavy Exotic Conundrums
Eric Swanson
Oct 19, 2016

EMMI Nuclear and Quark Matter Seminar
Highlights from the Hard Probes 2016 conference
Andrea Dubla
Oct 13, 2016

Nuclear and Quark Matter Seminar
Open heavy-flavours as probes of the Quark-Gluon Plasma: status and future perspectives
Elena Bruna
Sep 14, 2016

EMMI Nuclear and Quark Matter Seminar
Thermodynamically Anomalous Properties and Possible New Signals of Mixed Phase Formation in Central Nuclear Collisions
Kyrill Bugaev
Jul 25, 2016

EMMI Nuclear and Quark Matter Seminar
Multiplicity dependence of charm production in pp scattering at 7 TeV and parton saturation
Klaus Werner
Jul 6, 2016

EMMI Hadron Physics Seminar
Hyperon spectroscopy and dynamics with PANDA at FAIR
Karin Schönning
Jun 29, 2016

Theorie- und EMMI Seminar
Effective field theory for Halo Nuclei"
Lucas Platter
Jun 23, 2016

EMMI Nuclear and Quark Matter Seminar
Jets and medium modification
Guy Moore
Jun 15, 2016

EMMI Nuclear and Quark Matter Seminar
The gift that keeps giving: surprises from ridges in p+p, p/d/He+A and A+A collisions
Raju Venugopalan
Jun 1, 2016

EMMI Hadron Physics Seminar
Heavy-light and heavy-heavy mesons from lattice QCD
Marc Wagner
May 4, 2016

Thermalization, evolution and observables in integrated hydrokinetic model of A+A collisions
Yuri Sinyukov
Apr 26, 2016

Theory and EMMI Seminar
On the maximum mass of magnetised white dwarfs
Micaela Oertel
Apr 22, 2016

Theory and EMMI Seminar
Superfluid hydrodynamics in the inner crust of neutron stars
Michael Urban
Apr 22, 2016

EMMI Nuclear and Quark Matter Seminar
Dynamics of strongly interacting parton-hadron matter
Elena Bratkovskaya
Apr 20, 2016

EMMI Hadron Physics Seminar
Heavy-light and heavy-heavy mesons from lattice QCD
Piotr Salabura
Apr 6, 2016


EMMI Nuclear and Quark Matter Seminar
Probing cold dense quark matter with astrophysical multi-messenger observations
Kai Schwenzer
Dec 9, 2015

EMMI Nuclear and Quark Matter Seminar
NA61 Physics Highlights
Marek Gazdzicki
Oct 14, 2015

EMMI Nuclear and Quark Matter Seminar
Relativistic dissipative hydrodynamics from kinetic theory
Amaresh Jaiswal
Sep 9, 2015

EMMI Nuclear and Quark Matter Seminar
LHCb highlights
Michael Schmelling
Jul 22, 2015

EMMI Nuclear and Quark Matter Seminar
The ALICE Inner Tracking System upgrade project
Luciano Musa
Jun 11, 2015

EMMI Nuclear and Quark Matter Seminar
Dileptons with a coarse-grained transport approach
Hendrik van Hees
May 13, 2015

EMMI Nuclear and Quark Matter Seminar
Hadron masses at the QCD crossover
Jan Pawlowski
Apr 15, 2015

EMMI Nuclear and Quark Matter Seminar
System size from SPS and RHIC BES to LHC
Adam Kisiel
Feb 11, 2015

EMMI Nuclear and Quark Matter Seminar
Clusters, Correlations and Quarks: a High-Energy Perspective on Nuclei
John Arrington
Feb 4, 2015


EMMI Nuclear and Quark Matter Seminar
Volker Koch
Nov 12, 2014

EMMI Nuclear and Quark Matter Seminar
David Blaschke
Nov 5, 2014

Global collective flow in heavy ion reactions from the beginnings to the future
Laszlo Csernai
Sep 24, 2014

From hadrons to partons and back
Elena Bratkovskaya
Jul 9, 2014

The STAR Heavy Flavor Tracker and new ideas about gating grids in GEM-based TPCs
Howard Wieman
Jun 26, 2014

Jet Quenching at the LHC
Korinna Zapp
Jun 4, 2014

Heavy Quarkonium from the Lattice
Alexander Rothkopf
Apr 9, 2014

Phase transitions in fluid dynamical simulations of nuclear collisions
Jan Steinheimer
Mar 26, 2014

Universal aspects of the neutron-neutron and neutron-α scattering systems through the telescope of an effective field theory
Johannes Kirscher
Mar 11, 2014

Properties of the QCD phase diagram from chemical freeze-out
Stefan Flörchinger
Feb 26, 2014


Heavy-ion collisions in a historical perspective
Rudolf Bock
Dec 11, 2013

Heavy-flavour in high-energy heavy-ion collisions
Andrea Dainese
Nov 27, 2013

Precision predictions for heavy-ion collisions - from massless photons to massive quarks and vector bosons
Michael Klasen
Nov 20, 2013

Threshold Phenomena in Few-Body Systems: Halos and Efimov States
Dmitry Gridnev
Oct 24, 2013

Heavy ions at the LHC: where do we stand?
Federico Antinori
Oct 23, 2013

BEC-BCS Crossover in Symmetric Nuclear Matter and Neutron Matter
Michael Urban
Oct 23, 2013

Many-body Propagator Theory with Three-Body Interactions: a Path to Exotic Open-Shell Isotopes
Carlo Barbieri
Oct 17, 2013

Heavy flavor physics with the CMS experiment
Vincenzo Chiocchia
Sep 25, 2013

Nuclear and neutron matter with chiral forces in the self-consistent Green's function approach
Arianna Carbone
Sep 19, 2013

Shell and shape evolutions in exotic nuclei - how magic are 54Ca and 68-78Ni
Takaharu Otsuka
Jul 31, 2013

Transverse momentum dependent parton distributions and single-spin asymmetries in hard processes
Andreas Metz
Jul 4, 2013

Radiation hydrodynamics: challenges, achievements and failures
Mikhail Basko
Jun 11, 2013

The Tsallis Distribution at the LHC
Jean Cleymans
May 29, 2013

Heavy quarkonia and the Quark-Gluon Plasma: a saga with (at least) three episodes
Enrico Scomparin
Apr 17, 2013

Hydrodynamical models at various collision energies
Pasi Huovinen
Mar 13, 2013

Quantum limited spin transport in ultracold atomic gases
Tilman Enss
Feb 7, 2013

Heavy Ion Physics with the ATLAS Experiment
Zvi Citron
Feb 6, 2013

Nuclear Forces from Quantum Chromodynamics
Martin Savage
Jan 7, 2013


Radiational and quantum time arrows
Janos Polonyi
Dec 13, 2012

Making sense of azimuthal anisotropy of photons
Vladimir Skokov
Nov 22, 2012

Understanding Quantum-Chromo-Dynamics with Heavy-Ion Collisions
Björn Schenke
Nov 15, 2012

Photon azimuthal anisotropy and magnetic field in heavy-ion collision
Vladimir Skokov
Nov 8, 2012

Trigger cross section measurements via van der meer scan in Alice
Emilia Leogrande
Nov 2, 2012

Phase transition towards strange matter?
Micaela Oertel
Nov 1, 2012

How do quark-gluon plasmas thermalize?
Aleksi Kurkela
Oct 30, 2012

Universal relations for fermions with short- and long-range interaction
Johannes Hofmann
Oct 30, 2012

Relativistic fluid dynamics – theory and applications in heavy-ion physics
Dirk Rischke
Oct 26, 2012

Exploring the strong interactions under extreme conditions
Gert Aarts
Oct 25, 2012

Was die Welt zusammenhält: Moderne Theorie der Hadronen und Kerne
Evgeny Epelbaum
Oct 24, 2012

Uses of Thermal Field Theory in a Moving Frame
Harvey Meyer
Oct 24, 2012

Bottom-up thermalization from AdS/CFT?
Aleksi Vuorinen
Oct 23, 2012

From the quark-gluon plasma to the hadron gas:
phase structure and thermodynamics of QCD
Jan Pawlowski
Oct 23, 2012

Quenching of high-pt hadrons: Energy Loss vs Color Transparency
Boris Kopeliovich
Aug 8, 2012

Formation of the Heaviest Elements: Necessary Conditions, Astrophysical Sites, Nuclear Input
Friedel Thielemann
Jul 19, 2012

Perturbative Probes of Heavy Ion Collisions?
W. A. Horowitz
Jun 13, 2012

Nuclear Forces from Quantum Chromodynamics
Martin Savage
Jun 13, 2012

Study of the Bc+->J/psi pi+ and B+->J/psi K+ decay channels in the CMS experiment at LHC
Maddalena Giulini
Jun 11, 2012

Effective field theory on the lattice:
Ab initio calculations of nuclei and many-body systems
Dean Lee
May 22, 2012

Information content of a nuclear observable
Witold Nazarewicz
May 18, 2012

Measurements of multi-strange baryon production in Pb-Pb collisions at √sNN = 2.76 TeV with ALICE
Maria Nicassio
May 11, 2012

Model Investigation of QCD thermodynamics and phase diagram
Sandeep Chatterjee
Apr 24, 2012

Dynamics of volumetrically heated matter passing through the liquid-vapor metastable states
Steffen Faik
Apr 17, 2012

Measurements on trapped antihydrogen atoms
Eoin Butler
Apr 2, 2012

Bulk viscosity, particle spectra and flow in heavy ion collisions
Thomas Schäfer
Mar 2, 2012

Seminar/Discussion about Superluminal Neutrinos
Feb 1, 2012

Nuclear Chiral Thermodynamics and Phases of QCD
Wolfram Weise
Feb 2, 2012

Messages from exactly solvable fermionic field theories at finite temperature and density
Michael Thies
Jan 12, 2012


Effective theory for QCD at finite temperature and density from strong coupling expansions
Owe Philipsen
Dec 15, 2011

Collective excitations in the neutron star inner crust
Micaela Oertel
Oct 25, 2011

First measurement of D0 meson elliptic flow in Pb-Pb collisions at the LHC with ALICE
Chiara Bianchin
Nov 10, 2011

Photons with large ORBITAL angular momentum as a new tool in high-energy physics
Valeriy Serbo
Aug 9, 2011

Ab initio nuclear structure and reactions - perspectives and challenges
James Vary
Jul 22, 2011

Photons with large orbital angular momentum (OAM) as a new tool in high-energy physics
Valeriy Serbo
Jul 5, 2011

Thermodynamics of strong interactions from chiral models with Polyakov loop
Topi Kähärä
Jul 5, 2011

Hidden Asymmetry and long-range correlations
Andrzej Bialas
Jun 30, 2011

TRIGA-SPEC: Towards precision experiments on neutron-rich fission products at the TRIGA research reactor in Mainz
Szilard Nagy
Christopher Geppert
Jun 29, 2011

Electromagnetic Structure of Light Nuclei From a Chiral EFT Perspective
Saori Pastore
Jun 28, 2011

The Effect of UA(1) Anomaly Restoration at High Density in the Nambu Jona-Lasinio Model
Hiroaki Kohyama
Jun 21, 2011

Hohlraums as a means for creating quasi-uniform states of hot dense plasmas
Mikhail Basko
Jun 21, 2011

Numerical Study of Dense Two Color Matter
Simon Hands
May 26, 2011

K-Shell Electron Capture Decays of Hydrogen-Like and Helium-Like Heavy Ions
Violetta Ivanova
May 6, 2011

Plasma polarization in compact stars
Igor Iosilevskiy
May 5, 2011

Quantum kinetic of non-perturbative e^+e^-production -
The influence of temporal and spatial inhomogeneities
Florian Hebenstreit
May 3, 2011

Studying elliptic flow and nonflow in proton-proton collisions
Naomi van der Kolk
Apr 8, 2011

Measuring flow with ALICE
Mikolaj Krzewicki
Apr 29, 2011

High Velocity Transient Field technique for heavy ions:
an application to the g-factors of the neutron rich 72Zn
Enrico Fiori
Mar 18, 2011

Probing the QCD Phase Diagram with fluctuations at the LHC
Krzyzstof Redlich
Mar 4, 2011

Time-Reversal Violation in the Nucleon Light Nuclei
Bira van Kolck
Jan 25, 2011

Nuclear Lattice Simulations
Ulf-G. Meißner
Jan 20, 2011

Matter evolution in AA collisions in the light of recent ALICE LHC results
Yuri Sinyukov
Jan 14, 2011


Chiral Nuclear Dynamics and Applications with Three-Nucleon Forces
Jeremy Holt
Dec 7, 2010

Three-Nucleon Forces and the Evolution of Nuclear Structure in Exotic Nuclei
Jason D. Holt
Nov 29, 2010

Quasiparticles and hard-thermal-loop perturbation for a quark-gluon plasma
Jens Andersen
Nov 9, 2010

Non-Abelian plasma instabilities in high energy nuclear collisions
Hiro Fujii
Aug 27, 2010

Bulk Viscosity for High Amplitude Oscillations
Mark Alford
Jul 13, 2010

Non-Congruent Phase Transitions in Cosmic Matter and Laboratory
Igor Iosilevskiy
Jun 30, 2010

Gravitational wave signals from merging neutron stars
Andreas Bauswein
Jun 9, 2010

Nonequilibrium Dynamics of Quantum Dots
Denes Sexty
Jun 1, 2010

Theoretical modeling of radiation-dominated plasmas
Mikhail Basko
May 25, 2010

Large Nc Confinement, Universal Shocks, and Random Matrices
Jean-Paul Blaizot
Apr 20, 2010

3N Forces: From Neutron Matter to Neutron Stars
Kai Hebeler
Apr 13, 2010

From Lattice QCD to Cold Atoms: New Methods for Fermions at Unitarity
Joaquin Drut
Apr 12, 2010

Stochastic simulations of thermodynamic and kinetic properties of strongly coupled electromagnetic and quark-gluon plasmas in Feynman and Wigner representation of quantum statistical mechanics
Vladimir Filinov
Mar 23, 2010

ALICE steps into Wonderland - First results from ALICE at the LHC
Anton Andronic and Silvia Masciocchi
Jan 28, 2010


Study of hard processes with the EPOS event generator at LHC energies
Sarah Porteboeuf
Dec 2, 2009

Proper Heavy Quark Potential from Lattice QCD
Alexander Rothkopf
Nov 25, 2009

Heavy Quarks and Quarkonia in the Quark-Gluon Plasma
Ralf Rapp
Nov 6, 2009

Nonequilibrium Quantum Fields with non-Gaussian Initial Conditions
Mathias Garny
Nov 3, 2009

Nuclear Structure for Neutrinoless Double-Beta Decay
Javier Menendez
Nov 2, 2009

Non-Relativistic Systems and Holography
Dominik Nickel
Sep 14, 2009

Black Hole signatures in ALICE, ATLAS, CMS
Horst Stöcker
Sep 4, 2009

Viscosity, quark-gluon plasma, and string theory
Dam Thanh Son
Jun 9, 2009

On the infrared scaling solution of SU(N) Yang-Mills theories in the maximally Abelian gauge
Reinhard Alkofer
May 22, 2009

Symmetry Energy in the Nuclear Surface
Pawel Danielewiczy
May 20, 2009

Momentum dependence of correlation funtions: calculations and results obtained for systems at or out-of-equilibrium
Bertrand Delamotte
Apr 27, 2009

Simulations at Finite Chemical Potential and the Sign Problem
Gert Aarts
Apr 20, 2009

Neutron-Rich Nuclei and Nuclear Matter from Chiral Interactions
Achim Schwenk
Mar 23, 2009

Path Integral Monte Carlo Simulations of Strongly Coupled Quantum Coulomb Systems and Quark-Gluon Plasma
Vladimir Filinov
Mar 11, 2009

Quarkyonic Matter and the Large Number of Colors Limit of QCD
Larry McLerran
Feb 9, 2009

Coherence Dynamics of One-Dimensional Ultracold Bose Gases
Thomas Gasenzer
Feb 5, 2009