Ombudsperson (Mediator) to ensure good scientific practice and procedures in case of scientific misconduct

The first contact person at GSI in case of suspected scientific misconduct is the ombudsperson. The ombudsperson is a person of trust to whom all employees can turn in the event of disagreements and disputes related to the "Decision of the Helmholtz Association on Safeguarding Good Scientific Practice and Procedures in the Event of Scientific Misconduct". (see also website Ethics and Rules)

The ombudsperson clarifies the relevant facts in detail, assesses them and takes any necessary measures (e.g. request for correction to the originator, etc.). He/she will make a recommendation to the Director of Research and the Executive Board if measures under service or labour law appear to be appropriate.

Ombudsperson at GSI

Dr. Haik Simon

E-mail: H.Simon (@)

Telephone: 71-2887