Sub-Project Commons (COM)


Commons is one of 9 sub-projects of FAIR, the project on the GSI campus responsible for constructing one of the world's largest and most complex accelerator facilities.

The Commons management consists of the sub-project manager and its deputy, also responsible for the line management and the assistant team.

With over 250 experienced employees, Commons brings together the expertise on a wide range of topics required for the construction, operation and maintenance of accelerator facilities.

In addition to the system responsibility for existing technical facilities of the particle accelerator at GSI, Commons is responsible for the design, mechanical integration and manufacture of technical equipment. Commons is also continuously developing new and further computer systems, power supplies, detectors, measuring systems and much more.

Furthermore, our team contributes with its expert knowledge to the other sub-projects, provides the work package leaders for its areas of expertise and thus makes a significant contribution to the overall success of FAIR.

The versatile tasks and competences are distributed within Commons between 8 departments:

  • High Energy Beam Transport (HEB): responsible for the part of the high-energy beam guidance between the individual FAIR machine parts
  • Control Systems (ACO): Control system for the entire accelerator facilities
  • Cryogenics (CRY): Refrigeration plants including the helium supply
  • Vacuum Systems (VAC): Maintenance and further development of vacuum systems
  • Beam Diagnostics (BEA): Beam diagnostics and instrumentation
  • Electric Power Systems (EPS): Electrical power supply systems
  • Engineering (ENG): Internal service provider with Mechanical Design (MDS), Mechanical Integration (MIN), and Normal Conducting Magnets (NCM) including the Alignment
  • Transport and Installation (TRI): Large-scale assembly, storage and logistics

Further information from the departments can be found on the subordinate pages.

Division Head

Stefan Menke

Tel: +49-6159-71-1622


Deputy, responsible for the line management


Agathe Kiel-Demartial 

Tel: +49-6159-71-3442