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Engineering (ENG)


The Engineering is responsible for major mechanical engineering oriented cross functional tasks. These tasks include the following disciplines: Conception, design, manufacturing, mechanical integration and the alignment of all needed components. The Engineerung additionally is responsible for the complete research and design of all needed normal conducting magnets. This includes scientific and technical design, specification, supervision of manufacturing, magnetic measurements, quality assurance, supervision of assembly and alignments as well as the commissioning of the magnets. Summarized the project division is a global scientific and technical supplier for the whole center.


 Dr.-Ing. Ralf Fuchs

Phone: +49-6159-71-2385

Room: BR2.2.153a


Dr. Carsten Mühle

Phone: +49-6159-71-2368

Room: C26.2.004


 Brigitte Gerber

Phone: +49-6159-71-2396

Fax: +49-6159-71-2039

Room: BR2.2.154b

Organisation of the Project Division Engineering
Department Head Phone Room
Mechanical Design (MDS) Reinhard Lotz +49-6159-71-2004 SB1.2.208
Mechanical Integration (MIN) Christina Will +49-6159-71-2852 BR2.2.154a
NC Magnets and Alignment (NCS) Dr. Carsten Mühle +49-6159-71-2368 C26.2.004