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Set office swivel chair correctly?

Do I sit right?

How much space do I need?

Excerpt from the online instruction office workstation/ ergonomics


Workstation inspection

Should you have the desire,

  • to let take a look at your workstation by the safety engineer & company physician,
  • to get a councelling respective workstation by the safety engineer & company physician,
  • for health reasons to get a high- adjustable desk,

then please proceed as follows:

1.     make an appointment

  • for a workstation inspection on site
  • including advice from the safety engineer & company physician 
  • --> Appointments are made via the assistance of the occupational health service

2.      If necessary inform your supervisor (he/she does not have to be presented at the visit!!)

3.      Carrying out the workstation inspection including advice regarding

  • how do I sit correctly,
  • which aids are suitable for me and
  • if necessary, how can I request a height- adjustable desk

 To apply for a height- adjustable desk, there are 2 options:

      Via the pension insurance:

  • You`ll get 2 forms for applying at the pension insurance from the safety engineers after the inspection on site and
  • fill out these forms and 
  • apply the desc at the pension insurance (RV Hessen).
  • A requested desk is then your property and can be taken along with employer change.

     Via own cost centre: to order

  • You order the desk after inspection via your cost centre.
  • A desk acquired in this way is the property of GSI & FAIR and can not be taken along when changing employers.

Please note: even with a height adjustable desk, the alternation between standing and sitting is important. Therefore your workstation should be set correctly and this requires advice on VDU workstation by the safety engineer & company physician.