IT Service: Indico

Quick guide

GSI/FAIR hosts an own installation of the event management tool Indico. Persons with a GSI/FAIR weblogin account can log in directly. During first log-in Indico creates a new profile for the user. External attendees of events can create a local Indico account if necessary.

Permissions to access or to create events and subcategories can be assigned individually for each category or event. For this contact the organizers of events, the managers of existing categories or the GSI Indico support if need be.

Service description

With the GSI/FAIR installation of the open source event management tool Indico developed at CERN events of all sized can be managed, from lecture series and meetings to workshops and big conferences. The full life cycle of an event can be covered like e.g. registration of participants, submission of abstracts, timetable of sessions and contributions/talks and creation of proceedings. For abstracts, proceedings etc. peer-reviewing and editing workflows are available.

Events are grouped in so-called categories and possibly sub-categories. Access permissions to categories, events and even certain content of events can be granted with high granularity. The managers of a category have local administration rights on the whole underlying tree of categories and all events therein.

With help of the Zoom plugin of Indico users with GSI/FAIR email addresses can create Zoom meetings within the scope of the GSI/FAIR Zoom subscription according to their own licence directly in the management area of an event.

A users guide for Indico is availabe on the web site

A talk Indico bei FAIR und GSI in the IT/EE Seminar is available in our Indico.

  • Category: Directory of events and other categories (sub-categories).
  • Event: Lecture, meeting or conference which is managed in Indico.
  • Lecture: Single presentation with one or more speakers, possibly with description/abstract.
  • Meeting: Event with several presentations, possibly grouped in sessions, which can last multiple days. Contains a timetable of the sessions/presentations and potentially the registration of the participants.
  • Conference: Conference or workshop generally lasting multiple days with many presentations which can be grouped in parallel sessions in the timetable. Contains registration of participants and potentially reviewing/editig workflows for abstracts and proceedings.
  • Manager: Editor or local administrator of a category or an event. These rights are inherited top-down in the category tree.

The Zoom plugin to create Zoom meetings directly from Indico within the scope of the GSI/FAIR Zoom subscription is available.

As the Zoom Service is not hosted within the EU, please note and read the Privacy-Policy hints and statements:

A manual how to create and manage Zoom meetings within Indico can be found at .

The following features are available:

  • Zoom meetings can be directly created within an event via the item 'Services' → 'Videoconference' in the left menu of the management area.
  • Zoom meetings can be easily displayed in the menu of a conference or the main page of a meeting or lecture or be hidden by the switch 'Show room' below 'Advanced settings'.
  • The passcode visibilty can be restricted to logged-in users, participants or no-one.
  • Zoom meetings can be shared between more than one Indico event.
  • Existing Zoom meetings can be added to an event, however only meetings created within Indico are visible in Indico.
  • Zoom meetings can be included in the content to be transferred when cloning events.
  • Indico users with GSI/FAIR email addresses can be meeting hosts via the GSI/FAIR Zoom subscription.
  • The Zoom meetings may be restricted according to the licence type of the host (40 min. limit etc.).
  • Zoom meetings can be created on behalf of other Indico users as meeting host.
  • Event managers can make themselves a co-host, if they hold the necessary licence via the GSI/FAIR Zoom subscription.
  • Zoom meetings can be created as regular meetings or as Webinars, if the licence of the host allows to create Webinars.
  • Zoom meetings are visible and can also be edited in the Zoom web interface (the changes will be transferred to Indico).

Availability and support