IT-Service: Eduroam


Allows all GSI users with a valid weblogin account to log in to a Wifi access point with the SSID eduroam and use Wifi.

  • Target group: All Employees with a valid Weblogin-Account ( or

Service Description

Openroaming worldwide...

Eduroam is a worldwide association of facilities and institutes in the research and education sector. This network enables members of other universities and research institutions to access the Internet with their home account. Eduroam is also often available on public hotspots. BayernWLAN is an example for a public hotspot cooperating with eduroam. 

GSI Darmstadt is participating over Deutsche Forschungsnetz (DFN) with eduroam.

To install the configuration, configuration profiles are stored for various operating systems. You will find them on

Depending on your operating system you will need an additional app. Please refer to the instructions listed for the relevant information and details:

  • Configuration on a iPad
  • Configuration under Linux
  • Configuration under MacOSX
  • Configuration on a Smartphone
  • Configuration under Windows

If your device is not listed or you want to configure it manually, go to the manual configuration section.


Configure eduroam using the profiles provided. An eduroam configuration without a configuration profile is insecure and enables password theft.

For secure authentication, the root certificate must be specified for the connection and the name (i.e. the CN in the SSL certificate) of the Radius server must be checked! This behavior is difficult to achieve with manual configuration on some operating systems! If you still want to configure the connection manually, here are the necessary steps:


Requirement: You need this certificate TeleSec CA 

  1. Download the root-CA from here, "TeleSecCA".
    This certificate must be installed in the local certification store. On installation in smartphones you must typcially specify the usage (Wifi usage).
  2. As authentication method choose "PEAP" or "TTLS" aus.
  3. For Phase 2-authentication choose "MS-CHAP v2".
  4. As username enter your GSI Web Login account and add "" or "", for instance: "". Then use the belonging password.
  5. For the outer identity enter
  6. Choose the CA-Certificate installed under 1.

Availability and support

  • not covered by on-call duty
  • Supporttimes: Mo-Fr within core-working time
  • Support-Email: network-service