Nuclear Astrophysics and Structure

The main lines of research within the department are:

  • structure and decays of neutron-rich nuclei
  • astrophysical reaction rates
  • stellar evolution and cosmic explosions
  • heavy element nucleosynthesis
  • equation of state
  • compact binary mergers and supernovae
  • hydrodynamical simulations, neutrino transport, radiative transfer
  • gravitational waves
  • electromagnetic transients (kilonovae) and multimessenger astrophysics

We offer opportunities for master and PhD students!
If you are interested contact Gabriel Martínez-Pinedo g.martinez(at) or Andreas Bauswein a.bauswein(at)

These activities are supported by the ERC Starting Grant GreatMoves, the ERC Advanced Grant Kilonova  and the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft through the SFB 1245, SFB 881, and the 2022 Gottfried Wilheim Leibniz Prize.