Long-term drone video: Time-lapse of the FAIR construction site


Great progress has been made and important stages have been completed on the FAIR project, one of the largest construction projects for research in the world. A new time-lapse video created with sophisticated filming technology makes the developments of the past four years at the construction site of the international particle accelerator facility particularly tangible.

Using a sophisticated filming technique that is not yet widely available, a time-lapse video was shot from the air showing the development of the past four years: For this so-called "Longterm Dronelapse", a drone was used to regularly fly the same routes over the huge construction site. The moving time-lapse videos filmed in the process over the course of four years have now been combined into a single video. Thanks to GPS support, they can be precisely superimposed so that the progress of construction activities becomes particularly clear.

Last year's Longterm Dronelapse, showing the development of 2018 to 2020, was awarded the "Intermedia-globe SILVER Award" by the World Media Festival. The jury of the "WorldMediaFestival | Television & Corporate Media Awards" judged the video to be an outstanding contribution in the category "Public Relations/Research and Science" and presented the "Intermedia-globe SILVER Award" for it. (LW)

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