Hessian Minister of Finance Michael Boddenberg informs himself at GSI and FAIR


The Hessian Minister of Finance, Michael Boddenberg, recently visited GSI and FAIR. The progress and developments of the FAIR project were the focus of the meeting. He was welcomed by Dr. Ulrich Breuer, the Administrative Managing Director of GSI and FAIR, Jörg Blaurock, the Technical Managing Director of GSI and FAIR, as well as Jutta Leroudier from the Press and Public Relations department of GSI and FAIR. Achim Baumbach, Deputy Head of department at the Ministry of Finance, and Moritz Josten, deputy press spokesman at the Ministry of Finance accompanied the minister.

In an introduction, the minister gained insights into current topics and activities at GSI and FAIR. He learned about the research program "FAIR-Phase 0", the perspectives of campus development, the substantial modernizations of the existing facility and the current status of the realization of the FAIR construction project, one of the largest projects for cutting-edge research worldwide.

After visiting the testing hall, where new hightech components for FAIR can be assembled and tested, Michael Boddenberg got an overview of the entire 20-hectare construction area from the viewing platform. Then he took a close view at the progress on the FAIR construction site during a tour. This included a walk-through of the recently completed shell construction of the underground accelerator tunnel. The central ring accelerator SIS100 will be the heart of the future facility. There was also an opportunity to visit the central transfer building, the crucial hub for the facility’s beamline, which is currently being built over several floors. (BP)