GSI/FAIR Physics on Saturday — Virtual event "Saturday Morning Physics" for high-school students


Similar to the past two years, GSI/FAIR participated in the online event series “Saturday Morning Physics” for high school students, hosted by the Technical University Darmstadt. The approximately 220 participants were informed about the accelerators and experiments at GSI as well as the FAIR facility which is currently under construction during a virtual tour.

Following a short introductory lecture, in short video feeds the students learned about the facilities and the research at GSI and got an insight into the construction of components and buildings of the future facility FAIR. The guided video tour took them to the linear accelerator UNILAC, the main control room and the heavy ion synchrotron SIS18. They learned how to produce new elements at the SHIP experiment, how to treat tumors with carbon ions, and how the large experiment HADES can be used to unravel the mystery of mass. The program also included a virtual visit to the test facility for superconducting FAIR magnets and to the viewpoint of the FAIR construction site. A drone flight over the construction field rounded off the event. Afterwards they had the opportunity to ask questions via a live chat, which was actively used by the participants.

The “Saturday Morning Physics” event series is organized by the Physics Faculty of the TU Darmstadt. It takes place annually and aims to encourage young people's interest in physics. In the events, students learn more about physics research at the university. Those who participate in all events receive the “Saturday-Morning-Physics” diploma. GSI and later FAIR have been among the sponsors and supporters of the series since its beginning. (CP)

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