Hessian chairperson of the CDU parliamentary group Ines Claus visits GSI and FAIR


The progress of the FAIR project, the current scientific activities and the campus development were central topics during the visit of the chairperson of the CDU parliamentary group in the Hessian state parliament, Ines Claus, at GSI and FAIR. The politician from Groß-Gerau was welcomed by Dr. Ulrich Breuer, Administrative Managing Director of GSI and FAIR and Jörg Blaurock, Technical Managing director of GSI and FAIR as well as Dr. Ingo Peter, Head of Press and Public Relations of GSI and FAIR. She was accompanied on the appointment, which was part of her summer tour under the theme "Innovative, digital, sustainable" by Office Manager Ingo Schon, Marius Schmitt and Scarlett Rüger (both Public Relations Department).

The politician informed herself about the status of the FAIR construction project, which is one of the largest cutting-edge research projects worldwide, and about previous research successes and the current experiments. After an introductory presentation, Ines Claus was able to gain insights into the existing accelerator and research facilities during a tour of the GSI and FAIR campus. She visited the linear accelerator UNILAC, the therapy unit for tumor treatment using carbon ions, the large detector HADES and the R3B experiment for exotic nuclei.

On the viewpoint of the FAIR construction site Ines Claus could get an overview of the construction measures and the current status of the work on the 20-hectare construction site. The FAIR project is progressing very well, including the completion of the structural work for the SIS100 accelerator ring tunnel, the heart of the facility, and the structural engineering for the central transfer building, the central hub for the facility’s beamline. (BP)