FAIR/GSI GET_INvolved Project Associate Programme launched with sponsorship of the Polish company “S2Innovation” from Krakow


Recently, a new step for international cooperation in the FAIR project has taken place: For the first time, a partner from the industry of a FAIR shareholder nation is on board as a partner and sponsor in the GET_INvolved programme. On the campus in Darmstadt, Dr. Ulrich Breuer, Administrative Managing Director of GSI/FAIR, Jörg Blaurock, Technical Managing Director of GSI/FAIR and representatives of the Polish company "S2Innovation" signed the first project associate program in the presence of the subproject leader and other invited guests. The program is aimed at qualified experts from companies based abroad.

The FAIR Project Associate Programme will allow industrial potential partners from FAIR Shareholders to directly GET_INvolved and work hand-in-hand with technical groups at FAIR/GSI in accomplishing integrated work-packages within the mega science project FAIR.

The FAIR Project Associate Programme was conceptualized in 2021 by FAIR Management as part of the GET_INvolved Programme. This program's main goal is to support, encourage, and help industrial partners from FAIR Shareholders’ nations to find mutually beneficial work packages that fit the project timeline and were strategically in everyone's best interests. This program includes representatives from FAIR GmbH and Shareholders and potential industrial partners who can supply the host lab GSI with the necessary human resources.

The pilot program seeks to identify appropriate projects and work packages where the participation of partners would directly benefit from the human resources of partner nations and associated enterprises. S2Innovation from Krakow, Poland, was chosen as the first partner in the pilot program because it was a success. There were additional partners in the trial phase as well.

The signing ceremony introduces a brand-new area of the program's portfolio that is geared toward companies like S2Innovation that have been chosen to collaborate on a particular work package at FAIR and would benefit from a clear structure for deploying skilled labor there. Up to 10 people (including students, researchers, and staff) will be able to work with the FAIR Project each year through this unique GET_INvolved Project Associate Programme with S2Innovation.

These people will have the opportunity to learn and work in the cutting-edge research environment at GSI/FAIR, which will, among other things, suggest mentors and supervisors for them and aid with their project onboarding.

In a joint jury with the FAIR sub-project directors, the partners will choose the work packages for which skilled workers from S2Innovation will be matched to carry out their projects at FAIR. The Office of International Cooperation will be in charge of managing the program's implementation.

"It is the perfect time for industrial partners from FAIR partner nations to join forces with FAIR/GSI, invest in future leaders, and provide their talent resources with an opportunity to explore the rich technology-driven innovation environment. This opportunity will also allow them to bring in their skills to specific work-packages to FAIR in a mutually beneficial framework like GET_INvolved Programme. I strongly support the initiative, and we wish that additional industrial partners will take the way and GET_INvolved with FAIR," says Dr Ulrich Breuer, Administrative Managing Director of GSI and FAIR.

"FAIR Project is entering into a new phase, soon the civil construction at FAIR very much advanced. Therefore, we need a strong engagement of our partners worldwide, especially skillful engineers and technicians, to coherently and carefully execute our plan for the installation and commissioning of state-of-art-technologies for our accelerators and experiments developed and produced proudly in different parts of the world. This planned execution would also require strong support and participation from our industry partners, who can quickly jump into specific work packages when necessary and contribute with their available resources. I am delighted that S2Innovation from Krakow has become the first among several others to join this common endeavor and be part of the GET_INvolved Programme," says Mr Joerg Blaurock, Technical Managing Director of GSI and FAIR.

“The Polish Shareholder strongly supports the initiative of engaging industrial partners in the first-hand training and development of talented youth for the future FAIR facility. We are delighted to note that S2Innovation is one of the first companies that became part of this joint endeavor. The Polish Shareholder and Jagiellonian University believe that investment today in the training & research experience Programme of the younger generation is essential for the success of the FAIR project,” says Professor Zbigniew Majka, representative of Polish Shareholder at the FAIR Shareholders’ Council.

“S2Innovation is proud to become part of the “GET_INvolved Programme” through which we are hoping to build the basis for future larger collaboration. FAIR project creates unique opportunities for innovative companies like S2Innovation. It is a great satisfaction to help scientists to build such an amazing research facility, which one of the main goals is to investigate the evolution of the Universe.  The success of BIG Science projects, due to their innovative nature, requires very close collaboration between the partners. GET_INvolved program is a perfect way for new companies to understand the complexity of the project and build trust between them and FAIR team,” says Wojciech Soroka CEO of S2Innovation. (BP)


In 2021 the FAIR Delegation on the invitation of the Polish Shareholder Jagiellonian University (JU) Krakow organized the "FAIR Days Poland". The “FAIR Days”, aimed to boost the Polish participation in FAIR. It was a very successful event with a number of important meetings, including such with the Vice Rector Research of the Jagiellonian University, with the Polish Academy of Sciences, with a very large and qualified delegation of Polish industries, with authorities and with representatives of the different universities which are participating in FAIR. A colloquium and the signature of cooperation agreements were also part of the program. In the specific meeting with the shareholder, Polish companies were introduced to opportunities to participate in open tenders with production and manufacturing capabilities and also through GET_INvolved Programme.

About „S2Innovation“

S2Innovation“ is a polish company founded at the end of 2017 in Krakow on the basis of experience built during the construction of the SOLARIS Synchrotron - a unique electron accelerator in Central Eastern Europe and the largest investment in research infrastructure in Poland in recent decades. S2Innovation specializes in the development and maintenance of dedicated software for monitoring and control of research equipment or processes using both open-source tools as well as commercial software. Their mission is to support research institutions to work better, faster, and more efficiently using the most advanced software. The ambition is to participate in the leading scientific projects, which bring science to the next level.

About GET_Involved Programme

´The GET-INvolved Programme provides international students and early-stage researchers from partner institutions with opportunities to perform internships, traineeships and early-stage research experience to get involved in the international FAIR accelerator project while receiving scientific and technical training. The GET_Involved Programme has currently more than 35+ partner Programme from partners worldwide.

Further information

Further details of the application procedure for students and researchers will be published shortly. Further information on the GET_INvolved Programme can be found on the program pages of S2Innovation and GSI/FAIR websites. For immediate queries, get in touch with Tomasz Ostatkiewicz at Tomasz.Ostatkiewicz@s2innovation.com, Key Account Representative, at S2INOVATION and Dr. Pradeep Ghosh, Head of International Cooperations on behalf of GSI/FAIR, atPradeep.Ghosh@fair-center.eu.