Research project in New Delhi: Fellowship for GSI scientist Dr. Rahul Singh


GSI scientist Dr. Rahul Singh was awarded a Research Fellowship “Visiting Advanced Joint Research (VAJRA) Faculty Scheme”. In this context, he received an invitation to spend several months of research in India within a year funded by the Indian government. At the Inter-University Accelerator Center (IUAC) in New Delhi, he will research on the field of longitudinal beam optics and diagnostics for High Current Injector (HCI) development together with collaborators from IUAC.

The VAJRA Faculty Scheme for scientists will allow Dr. Rahul Singh to conduct a joint research project together with his peers at the IUAC in New Delhi within 2021. This prestigious research grant of the Science and Engineering Research Board, Government (SERB), a statutory body under the Indian Department of Science and Technology, is a special funding program to enable talented researchers of Indian origin (It can also be German citizens) to engage in scientific exchange and research collaboration in India consequential to closer cooperation among partner institutes.

Dr Rahul Singh is in the Beam Diagnostics department at GSI and FAIR, working as a work package leader for closed orbit feedback for future Synchrotron machine of FAIR: SIS-100. His current research focus is on signal processing algorithms for synchrotrons and storage rings, feedback systems and optimization of slow extraction at FAIR. Further research interests include application of transition radiation for transverse and longitudinal diagnostics in different parts of GSI accelerator facility, inverse modelling of the accelerator as well as application of machine learning techniques towards performance improvements of diagnostic devices.

VAJRA (Visiting Advanced Joint Research) Faculty Scheme from Science and Engineering Research Board, Government (SERB) India is a dedicated program exclusively for overseas scientists and academicians with emphasis on Non-resident Indians (NRI) and Persons of Indian Origin (PIO) to work as adjunct / visiting faculty for a specific period of time in Indian Public funded academic and research institutions.

The Indian host research institute, the Inter-University Accelerator Centre (IUAC), is the first Inter-University Centre (IUC) of University Grant Commission (UGC) of India - established in 1984 as an autonomous institution called Nuclear Science Centre after dual approval of planning commission with an objective to provide within the university system world class accelerator systems along with experimental facilities and to create basic infrastructure to facilitate internationally competitive research in the area of Nuclear Physics, Material Science, Atomic Physics, Radiation Biology, Radiation Physics and Accelerator Mass Spectrometry. The center became a national user facility in 1991 and has India’s largest tandem accelerator and added subsequently other accelerators including a superconducting Linear accelerator, a 1.7MeV Pelletron accelerator, an Electron Cyclotron Resonance (ECR) Ion source based Low Energy Ion Beam Facility.

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Interested to know more of the program can contact program coordinator Dr. Pradeep Ghosh.

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