Science Committee of the City of Darmstadt visits GSI and FAIR


The Committee for Economic Development, Science and Citizen Participation of the City of Darmstadt recently visited the GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung and the FAIR Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research. The Darmstadt politicians learned about current research priorities and the FAIR accelerator center, which is currently under construction.

The guests were welcomed by Jörg Blaurock, Technical Managing Director of GSI and FAIR, Markus Jaeger, deputy of the Administrative Management of GSI and FAIR, and Prof. Karlheinz Langanke, former Research Director. During their visit, the guests gained an impression of the scientific successes and the current status of the FAIR project.

The program included a bus tour to the FAIR construction site. There, the guests saw the central crossing structure, the impressive size of the SIS100 particle accelerator and the buildings for the FAIR experiments. Furthermore, they had the opportunity to inspect the ongoing work on the 20-hectare construction site directly on site.

The tour then took the Science Committee through the research and accelerator facility on the GSI campus, including the ESR storage ring, the tumor therapy facility, the Green IT Cube and the main control room. The visitors were able to experience the ongoing experimental operations at first hand.

FAIR and GSI are an integral part of Darmstadt's scientific landscape. By creating highly qualified jobs and supporting the economy, e.g. as part of the AI Innovation Lab Hesse, GSI and FAIR contribute to the attractiveness of Darmstadt. FAIR and GSI also play an important role in the training of young researchers in close cooperation with TU Darmstadt and Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences. (LW)