AISTAR 2023: Fostering AI advancements through collaboration and innovation


In collaboration with GSI/FAIR and the Technical University of Darmstadt, the European Space Operations Centre (ESOC) recently hosted the second edition of the Artificial Intelligence Symposium on Technology, Applications, and Research (AISTAR). The collaborative effort exemplified the spirit of mutual interest and strong partnerships in the pursuit of cutting-edge AI research. The symposium created a space for connecting, networking, and exchanging ideas, facilitating new contacts and collaborations within the AI community.

Structured around the three main sessions “General AI”, “AI for Cybersecurity and Cybersecurity for AI” and “Diagnostics and Preventative Maintenance and Assistants” and featuring a dedicated poster session with 30 submissions, the symposium provided a platform for researchers and industry experts to showcase their innovative projects. This poster session created extensive opportunities for networking and in-depth discussions among participants.

Throughout the event, GSI/FAIR experts actively participated in knowledge sharing. Dr. Lennart Volz of GSI’s Biophysics research department delivered a talk on “AI in Radiotherapy”, highlighting the transformative potential of AI in modern cancer treatment. Additionally, several GSI/FAIR representatives presented insightful posters, shedding light on their contributions to the field of “General AI” and “Diagnostics and Preventative Maintenance and Assistants”.

The impact of AISTAR 2023 extended beyond the physical attendees, with over 200 on-site participants and an additional 400 online registrants. The received positive feedback attested to the event's resounding success. AISTAR 2023 was an inspiring two-day journey that highlighted the central role of partnerships and collaborations in advancing AI-driven global solutions. It brought together diverse communities, including scientists, space experts, and AI professionals, fostering valuable insights and discussions.


Artificial Intelligence Symposium on Theory, Application and Research is a two-day event featuring technical talks, networking opportunities and exciting project poster spaces in the fields of Research, Methods and Algorithms and AI Application. The Symposium brings together AI experts and enthusiasts from industry and academia to explore, connect, network and exchange ideas. After a successful first edition in 2021, with more than 1000 participants, AI STAR took place again in 2023, in a hybrid mode, tackling new topics with the intention of bridging the AI community to bolster innovation.

The Symposium is designed to identify concrete technological solutions addressing current and future needs in organizations, connect the communities and enable interactions to lay the foundations for further collaborations and inspire and enable the public to learn about AI research and applications from experts. (CP)

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